Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interesting Story (Dec 16)

So there I was on a team up with the Zone Leaders and I was with Elder Cooley. We decided to go and do some living christmas cards. Which is where you go and knock on a door. knock knock knock knock knock and as soon as they start to open the door you sing a christmas song then ask if you can come in a share the story of jesus' birth then you read luke and leave with another song.
So Elder Cooley and I go and do this in the nicest street in Tuskegee which is right by the Lake. We walk up to the door knock knock knock knock knock. The Door opens and we sing "Joy to the world the Lord is Come Let Earth Receive her King......" As soon as we finish He says " i apprieciate what you just did but i dont celebrate christmas..." BAM shut down!!!! ( HE was a Jehovas Witness) haha but we ask if we can come and share the account of jesus' birth and he lets us in and we read and testify and the spirit was really cool. He never would have let us in if we wouldn't have sang and he doesn't even sing or like when people sing. It was big testimony of singing to me. He told us we could even come back. IT was really neat. So don't be afraid to go caroling with your friends or family and share the story of jesus and invite people to learn more about the gospel. The missionaries will love you for your help and your lives will be blessed. This truly is a joyous season and i love singing cuz its one thing i really loved about being home. Its the one thing i can still do and know that my family is doing the same thing this season.
I know that the Savior loves everyone of us no matter who we are or what we did. I know that we should be willing to show our love for him just as much as we would want someone to show their love for us. I know that we are all Children of our Father in Heaven and that the way to be truly happy is with our family. Right behind that is the Gospel. So do me a favour this year. Remember what our savior did for us and think of some way to pay him back by showing somebody in our family how much you love them.
I know it will be a special Season. I love you all and can't wait to talk to you all. Merry Christmas. God bless you. Love, The coolest thing to ever hit the south in Forever!!!!!!!! Me :0 Elder Haws

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas (Dec 9)

Hello again from Tuskegee,
Well.... another week here in the wonderful town of tuskegee has passed by. I can't believe that i have already been here for 8 weeks. time is flying by. Things are going really good though. Elder Robison and i found this family like 2 weeks before he left and we were able to teach them once then we lost contact and couldn't get a hold of them then he left and took their number so we had no way of finding them. I finally called around and found Elder Robisons new number and got their number. (they are the smiths) SO Elder Myrvang and i have been teaching them and they are way excited.
We started teaching because the mom had been taught by missionaries before about 4 years ago but the smiths moved the same time the missionaries got flushed( 2 new missionaries at the same time) into the area. So they lost contact with them. Mrs.Smith also wanted to see how her oldest daughter J'hia would react cuz she was claiming to be an athiest. (she is only 15) so we taught about the restoration and about joseph smith and how there is a prophet on the Earth today. J'hia got way excited and wants to meet him so bad. she gets on the internet and looks stuff up about him and just loves it. She also wants to get baptised but her mom wants her to learn alittle bit more first which is fine with me. The whole Family though is way cool and they actually keep their appointment which is almost non existent here. nobody keeps their appointments. I'm way happy for them.
Lark is also coming along great. Hes been on probation for 3 years and was supposed to get off monday but hasn't yet but he said he was going to move out of his girl friends house so that as soon as he gets off BAM!!! he can get baptized. He is so great. He is really funny too. OH mom and dad he said he wants to come live with me when i get back so keep that in mind. MaryAnn or Lindsey he is only 26 and is going to be single. He doesn't like his girl friend very much so..... you can finish the rest! haha I'm doing great though i love all the letters i get from everyone. I can't wait to call home for christmas. Is everyone going to be at the house or am i going to need to call everyone seperate? just let me know so i can make arrangements to call and what not.
I love you all though and i'm having a blast. ! :) there is a ton of literally crazy things and people here so there is never a dull moment. Thnks for all your prayers and buddy thanks for the package from your family tell Sara thanks for me aswell. I don't have her e-mail address.
Love you all Elder Haws

Monday, December 7, 2009


Preston finally sent me some of his pictures!! (Warning: Prepare for picture overload!) We'll start w/ the MTC pics:
And now here are the ones from Alabama:

He looks like he is doing so good!! Below are some videos I found on his card....:


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!! (Dec 2)

Hello everyone!
I'm still doing good. Thank you all for your letters this week. Tyson That was the funnyest picture i think i have ever seen. You have been hangin up lights for way to long. :) My Thanksgiving was really good. I was able to eat with a part member family and share a good lesson on thanks and families with them. Its really humbling being away and seeing how much people will still do for you.
Then we went to the Oryangs and ate with them and saw another member after that. Its really different down here. They have Dressing which is just like stuffing except its not in crumbs. Its really good. They don't have any kind of fruit pie. Its either pumpkin or sweet potato pie. They are both really good. Sweet potato pie taste almost exactly like pumpkin but just a little different. Alot of people eat Chittlans instead of turkey which seems alittle well... alot weird to me but oh well. Then they have collard greens and cornbread and macaroni and you can't forget the potato salad (which i have grown accustomed to). We have been working with the Smith family and we should be teaching them at the church tonight and setting a baptismal date with them. Mrs Smith would be the perfect young womens leader here. She is really busy already though. I'm hoping that the gospel will help her handle all that she has going. She works 7 days a week 2 different jobs totall and has 3 kid ages 15, 12, and 9 that are all very active in school and sports. she is very very busy. They are doing great though.
Then Joseph Jones should be getting baptised this sunday! He is an 18 year old kid that is going to play football at Arkansas state. A division 1 school. He is way good at football. He is a great kid and has been tough to get a hold of but we finally did and he should be getting baptised sunday. We are way excited for him.
Big C is still coming along. He said he still didn't know if the Book of Mormon was true but he was still praying. So we taught him how God was going to answer his prayer. How the Holy Ghost is going to tell him and its going to be through how he feels not by something speaking to him. So he said he'd pay attention to his feelings next time he reads. As soon as he knows the Book Of Mormon is true I think He'll get Baptised.
I really like Elder Myrvang. He knows alot and is a Very good Missionary. We are having alot of good times and things are cooking down here. Thanks for all your letters and the updates that I get from you all. I love yall. I can't wait to here from ya'll again Love Elder Haws