Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Man it is COLD! (Jan. 11, 2011)

Man whoever told me that the south didn't get cold had no idea what it is like when there is a possible ice storm on the way. This whole week I haven't been able to get the sound of Saunca's voice out of my head when he finds out that a bobsled is driven on ice and he starts wiggin out. I found it really funny though how quick the people here are to cancel school, Especially when there is a National Championship football game going on that night. I think that school was cancelled here A week ago due to the storm that never came. really I feel it was because of the game. Right now though I have a nice young man telling me all about the game and from what it sounds lik it was a really good game. I'm glad that Auburn won. Go Alabama!!!!!
We have been having some really good success here though! We found such a good family. That is just so ready for the gospel. They have been taught in the previous years and they know who President Hinkley is and President Monson they also know that out building is called the Stake Center. It is a Dad and a Mother and they have 3 daughters. We have been so excited to teach them but haven't been able to do it yet. We have been over there several times and they feed us and love us but we just don't know what to do because everytime we try to teach something they already konw about it. They even recieve the copies of the church magazines. They have told us that they want to go to the Temple to be sealed as a family. So we made them this really neat poster that has a path for their family to go to the Temple and I really hope that it will help them reach their goal. It is the Estrada Family if you want to keep them in your prayers.
Tyson thank you so much for the package! Yes I did get it and am using most of it. That was a really good package. It is crazy to see the progression of your kids in their letters. I can tell that they are getting so big! As well as all my other nieces and nephews. I have the best family ever!!
We are hoping to be having a Recent Convert Temple night at the end of this month. We have several Recent Converts that haven't been to the Temple because they didn't know that they could go to do Baptisms, so we are getting that done! I am so excited for them. It is crazy to me how much you become a part of the families that you meet on your mission. I have never felt so involved in people actions before. It makes me feel like Alma or Ammon in the Book of Mormon how you truly rejoice in the joy of others joy. On the same note though you feel sorry for the lack of interest on others. I never really understood the importance of Home Teaching or Reactivation in the chruch before my mission,but I have had an experince that has changed my life. There is a Less-Active member here who is from the Dominican Reppublic. She was baptized with her brother and sister there and then moved over here some time ago. She was super active and doing great then she got a Boy friend and lived with him stopped going to church, reading scriptures, all that stuff. Now she has moved here and feels so alone because her family is in the Dominican Republic and are still active and doing great. She though wants to do what is right has a great testimony but just doesn't know how. She feels alone and we have asked and asked and asked for sisters to go and visit or to call or to do anything for her and it just never gets done. It breaks my heart. So my prayer to all of you is to love those brothers and sisters of ours that are lost at this time in knowing exactly what they need to do and love them. With that love they will feel the love of God and they will begin to start a life of true happiness. That is my testimony of this Gospel. It can bring true happiness.
I love you all
Love Elder Haws.

Happy New Year (Jan. 3, 2011)

Well Happy New Year Everyone!
We had a pretty good New Years. We went to bed at 10:30 like we were supposed to and at 12 we were woken up by gunshots and fireworks. I think that everyone in the whole city of Montegomery was shooting a gun. It lasted about 30 to 40 minutes of just striaght shots. It was pretty annoying.
I was also able to see Bauer Brown and his mother and his brothers Braxton and the other one. I don't know his name. They were really nice and took us out to a place called flips to eat it was really fun. They told me of all the baptisms that have taken place at EA. They said that Earnie ( the hispanic that was on my basketball team my senior year that never jumped for rebounds that dad never liked) He got baptized also a boy named Johnny Slade and also Cameron Sayles all of which were people that I never thought would have ever been members. I think it is so cool that they have accepted that gospel.
Thats is about all I have for this week sorry it is so short but I am not feeling to well right now. I'll wright more next week
Oh we found a really awesome family that has been taught before and they know so much about the Gospel. THey knew president Hinckley and they know President Monson and they refered to the Stake Center as the Stake Center. They are awesome and want to come to chruch but they are active in another church and are haveing a hard time making the decision but they are going to. The Dad told us that whenever he sees the missionaries he just gets happy. We are really excited.
Love ya Bye

You all ROCK! (Dec. 27, 2010)

Hello everyone!
It was really fun to be able to scype and talk with everyone this year. It is so nice to know that everyone is doing well and are still themselves.
Well there are some things that I remembered that I wanted to tell you that I forgot to so I will tell you know! This was my first Christnmas eve where I was able to celebrate it the way that the Hispanics do. One of the members invited us over for a party and she made us some really good Pasoli, It is a really good soup. She also made some really good multif-friut cider. It was a lot of fun.
Also on Christmas We were able to see some snow! It snowed that night for just a little but it was snow nontheless! then on Sunday it snowed on and off for the whole day. I was so happy! I love it!
We found some really good people on sunday that we are really excited to start teaching! One guy wants to quit drinking and we asked him what he could do that would help him quit and he said I could go to chruch. He also said he would have the chapter we left him in the Book of Mormon read that night. He was really humble and wants to change. I was happy for him.
After we scyped we went and played some basketball at the church and we had only been playing for about 10 minutes and another missionary Elder Boone had a bad accidnt with his knee and had to go to the hospital. It turns out that he might have torn his ACL which would be very bad. I felt to bad for him. Keep him in your prayers if you can remember.
Oh and really fast Dad I know you asked me several times if I needed anything and I said no and no and no but I remembered something. I'm sorry. I still don't have a Bible in Spanish so if you can while you still have the Book Store and you can get them for cheaper I would like one. I will buy it with the money you gave me for christmas if I need to. My triple is black so that the colors can match. I really do feel bad. Just let me know if that is possible.
I love you all! hope to hear you all made it home safe!
Love Elder Haws.

Merry Christmas! (Dec. 20, 2010)

Well anther week is gone. Things have been going pretty good here. Elder Klabacka and I have been working hard and are trying to figure what we more we can do or how we can do other things better. We have been able to recieve plenty of new investigatores but we are having a hard time at helping them progress.
We had a really good Christmas Multi-Zone Conference this past week in which we were able to recieve a lot of instruction from President and a few other people. I realized in this Conference that I could be a lot better of a Missionary by focusing more on my investigatores and trying to help them recieve hope in our message and to everytime that we teach them they need to progress closer to Baptism and as we try to do that we will be able to see a lot more success in our labors.
It looks like I will be calling about 11 o'clock my time. which I think is at 10 your time.
It is good to hear that everyone was ok with Dallins accident. That is crazy that everyone was ok. Getting T-boned at 40 mph isn't a very good thing. Did we know any of the people that were involved?
Dad I think I am going to send a Christmas card to Kory Kowren to the house so do you think you would be able to give it to her when you get it? Also Did you recieve my package that I sent you? Those are for all the family. Was the Ornament broken or did it survive? I was worried about it?
I was in Birmingham one night this week for a leadership training right before our Multi-Zone Conference and I was able to talk to this family in a laundrymat for about 30 min. They were from Salvador and they were really nice. It was such a weird experience for me because I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind. such as: "What the Heck, I'm speaking spanish and no one can understand me except for these two people from a completly different continent. When did this happen" also : "Dad and Buddy and Tyson have done exactly what I am doing right now but in different parts of the world." It made me appreciate the language so much more and my whole experience as a missionary in general. It was a lot of fun. I hope they have good luch with the missionaries there in Birmingham.
That is about it for this week. I am looking forward to the phone call at 11 my time on Christmas! Merry Christmas!
p.s. Mom I have recieved two boxes and a pouch for christmas just to let you know!
Love Ya
Elder Haws.

It snowed!!! (Dec. 13, 2010)

....and by snowed I mean that Elder Klabacka and I saw some snowflakes falling out of the sky for about 5 min.

Dear Family,
Well it has been a pretty good week! We had transfers and Elder Klabacka and I are staying together for yet another really fun and awesome transfer! I was pretty excited when I found out. I think that President Holzapfel is trying to not move the companionships around so much! I am pretty excited.
Well it turns out that one of our good potentials for baptism had to move back to Guatemala. One of the worst things that I think could have happened. It is so crazy how much my view and opinion on Hispanics has changed. I was so sad when I found out he was leaving. It was for a good reason, his mom died and so he had to go back to take care of his dad. I just really hope that we can have the missionaries in Guatemala find him. He was really progressing. I hope to visit him one day.
The longer I am here in Montgomery the more I like and the more Elder Klabacka and I are fitting in. We are starting to meet hispanics that know other hispanics and so we can get rides for them and we can relate to them and things like that it has really helped alot.
The other day we were trying to visit someone and the didn't answet thier door and so we knocked on their neighbors door because we knew that they were hispanics. They let us in and they were a really nice family. He has a job as a weilder and they have to kids, a 3 year old daughter and a 5 month old son. They were really kind and seemed like they were already members. we found out that they were from Veracruz and we happen to have a family in the ward from there. So were are going to have them in the members house for a lesson hopefully on saturday. The hardest part in missionary work is getting people to keep their return appointments. Which is so weird to me just because I was raised to be honest and if you arent interest say no if you want somone to come back set an appointment and keep. So we are working on that one right now. People are just raised differently oh well. It isn't going to stop me.
So I hear that Annessa is going to be going on a mission soon? That is so exciting! Where is she going? I also heard that Krystle Wiltbank got married to Nathaniel Henrie! That was some crazy news? do you still have the Announcement for them I would like to see if you do!
Did David Reece get married to? It sounds like a lot of stuff has been happening back home?
Its going to be fun getting back!
How did the hunt go? Did you have any luck?
Thats about all I have for now. Hope you all are safe and that things are going well! I love you all and I cant' wait to talk to you on Christmas!
Love Elder Haws.

Satan is so crazy!! (Dec 6, 2010)

Dear Family,
This week has been a pretty good week! We were able to have some good lessons and the church has an activity every year for the community where they have the nativities in the cultural hall of the chruch. Basically what we do in our stake but a thousand times better. They do it here for a whole week and they close down the building for 2 weeks to set up and they had almost 4 hundred nativities there. It was so beautiful! Don't worry mom I took some pictures for you! I even saw 4 nativities that you own yourself mom! It made me excited. We took our english class to that and they really enjoyed it! Then on Sunday we took some of our investigatores and watched the Christmas broadcast afterwards! it was really really good.
After the broadcast we went to see a referral that the English Sister Missionaries had given us and we were having a really good lesson with them! It was a father, Carlos, his son, Javier, and Javiers girlfriend. Javier was asking us so many questions about what is a mormon and what is that you believe and just good questions. He had been on before and just didn't understand how to use and stuff. We are talking in english to because they all spoke English and Javiers girlfriend didn't speak spanish. So I am just about to talk about the Book of Mormon and how if you read and pray about it that God will tell you what is true and Carlos' wife comes in out of no where and basically just starts telling us we were going to go to Hell and that we add more to they bible and that the Book of Mormon was fake and not real and that we were not welcome in her home. That we belived in a different Jesus and just all the anti that she "knew". So we just apologized for intruding and we thanked them and we left. As we were leaving though we could see that Javier was uncomfortable with what just happened and that he wanted to talk to us some more. It was just so weird that she came in out of absolutley nowhere to keep us from sharing about the Book of Mormon. It was wierd because our whole lesson was them asking questions and non of it was us. I just am so surprised at how much persecution the Book of Mormon gets for claiming to be Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I just don't see who wouldn't want to read something that is claiming to be something about the very man that is going to save them at the last day. The same Man that they have so much faith in, The same Man who has so much love for them that he will never turn away. I just hope that one day it will be easier to share the truthfullness of the Book of Mormn.
I know that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and I know that as we read it and pray about it with a sincer heart God will talk to us through the Holy Ghost and we can recieve a spiritual witness that it is true.
I hope all is doing well and that you all had a very good thanksgiving. And Have a Merry Christmas I will talk to all of you on the 25th! My address for anyone that is wondering is going to be 304 East Fairview Ave Montgomery Al 36105
I love you all!
Love Elder Haws.

November 29,2010

This week was pretty interesting but it was a really good one nonetheless. I had a really neat experience that I would like to share with all of you.
On Saturday Elder Klabacka and I were heading to an appiontment at about 7:30 p.m. We were supposed to be there at 7 so we were already late. As we were driving on a major highway there was a Explorer in a turn lane with its hazard lights on. As we drove by we could see a man on the ground trying to get his spare tire down from underneath his car. We drove past and I asked Elder Klabacka "should we go and help them?" he said "I don't care" So I pulled into a turn lane myself and stopped and looked at him and said " we have Ismael 30 minutes ago." He said "we are already in the turning lane" So we went to help them and they were in need of our help. He had to go and find a jack from some one because he didn't have one and then he couldn't figure out how to get the tire down. He needed the new tire because his had blown!
So we got down on the ground and couldn't figure it out then I had something really strange happen. I remembered that one time there was a flat tire on dad's truck that tyson now has. For some reason dad made me go out and change it and I had no idea what I was doing. I had the same problem that this guy was having I couldn't figure out how to get the tire down. I asked dad several times and all dad said was "there is a spot for the key that will make a hole in that hole is where you need to stick the jack to lower the wheel." I remember that I was so frustrated with dad becasue he would come and help me. I eventually found out what dad meant and I was able to change the tire.
This whole thing is important because this man had the same thing but we couldn't find the whole! we eventually and we were able to change the tire with many more problems including bending some parts of his car and flattening his spare tire but all worked out. The man kept saying "I never would have thought to look for that hole, thank you so much" I know for a fact that the whole reason that dad had me change that tire was to help this man and his wife to be change thier tire. I have never needed to know that until now. It was a huge testimony builder that things that happen to us always have an effect longer than we can see. That our calling to be a visiting teacher or home teacher could be to see if we will be able to be a president of the relief society or Elders quorum, or even more in the future a mission president or senior missionaries. I know for a fact that God has a plan for us and our actions determin how our path winds. If I would have given up on changing dads tire I never would have been able to help this man change his, and it was my choice to change dads tire. I could have given up do to frustration which was there. But now I am glad that i knew and was able to help them.
I hope you are doing well mom! It was good to be able to speak to Mom Dad MaryAnn Trisha and Brynn on Saturday. In English and Spanish! I hope that you all stay safe and do your best to follow the path that the lord wants which is to keep his commandments to live with him some day!
Elder Haws.

November 22, 2010

Dear Family!
We have had another miracle here in Montgomery. We were able to have 7 investigatores at chruch. 3 of them were our main investigatores with Baptismal dates, Emigdio,Elias and Rosendo. They had to leave after sacrement meeting but I think that they are going to come back and that they will get baptized! They are really good guys and I have grown to be good friends with them. We were also able to find quite a bit of people in thier same neighborhood!
We have been riding our bikes alot which has been alot of fun! It warmed back up so it hasn't been to cold which is really nice.
We are starting to get a lot of help from our ward members here with team ups! There is a boy that is getting ready to go on his mission to Frezno California spanish speaking and he said he would come out with us whenever we need or want him so we are going to try to get him fluent in spanish before he leaves haha.
We are teaching a family called the Camacho's. They have been taught before they just haven't been baptized and I don't know why. We are having trouble trying to figure it out. We are trying to do anything to help them see the importance of the message and how to take it seriously. It has been a challenge but I am sure that the lord will help us out some how.
It was so funny! Last night we were having our English class and we decided to teach them about Christmas since it is getting close to christmas and all. Well we taught them how to say christmas eve. Christmas eve in Spanish is Noche Buena. One of the students translated Noche Buena into English which Night Good. It was so funny! they all thought it was so funny that Christmas Eve was Night Good.
That is about it for this week sorry it is pretty lame and not exciting.
OH!!! We played the best game of Ghetto ball ever!!! We started out and we were loosing 10 to 0 and we came back to and won 24 to 22 but the kids said that we were playing to 32 and not 24 just because they lost so we kept playing and lost by 4! I ended up leaving with a untucked shirt with 2 missing bottons! It was so much fun. a guy videoed the whole thing on his phone so maybe if you have a lot of time you might be able to find it on utube or something. We stayed in our pros clothes to so we were to white kids playing in white shirt and ties and we won! IT was so much fun! anyway Have a great week cuz I know I will!
Love you all!
Elder Haws.