Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Merry Christmas! (Dec. 20, 2010)

Well anther week is gone. Things have been going pretty good here. Elder Klabacka and I have been working hard and are trying to figure what we more we can do or how we can do other things better. We have been able to recieve plenty of new investigatores but we are having a hard time at helping them progress.
We had a really good Christmas Multi-Zone Conference this past week in which we were able to recieve a lot of instruction from President and a few other people. I realized in this Conference that I could be a lot better of a Missionary by focusing more on my investigatores and trying to help them recieve hope in our message and to everytime that we teach them they need to progress closer to Baptism and as we try to do that we will be able to see a lot more success in our labors.
It looks like I will be calling about 11 o'clock my time. which I think is at 10 your time.
It is good to hear that everyone was ok with Dallins accident. That is crazy that everyone was ok. Getting T-boned at 40 mph isn't a very good thing. Did we know any of the people that were involved?
Dad I think I am going to send a Christmas card to Kory Kowren to the house so do you think you would be able to give it to her when you get it? Also Did you recieve my package that I sent you? Those are for all the family. Was the Ornament broken or did it survive? I was worried about it?
I was in Birmingham one night this week for a leadership training right before our Multi-Zone Conference and I was able to talk to this family in a laundrymat for about 30 min. They were from Salvador and they were really nice. It was such a weird experience for me because I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind. such as: "What the Heck, I'm speaking spanish and no one can understand me except for these two people from a completly different continent. When did this happen" also : "Dad and Buddy and Tyson have done exactly what I am doing right now but in different parts of the world." It made me appreciate the language so much more and my whole experience as a missionary in general. It was a lot of fun. I hope they have good luch with the missionaries there in Birmingham.
That is about it for this week. I am looking forward to the phone call at 11 my time on Christmas! Merry Christmas!
p.s. Mom I have recieved two boxes and a pouch for christmas just to let you know!
Love Ya
Elder Haws.

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