Wednesday, January 12, 2011

November 22, 2010

Dear Family!
We have had another miracle here in Montgomery. We were able to have 7 investigatores at chruch. 3 of them were our main investigatores with Baptismal dates, Emigdio,Elias and Rosendo. They had to leave after sacrement meeting but I think that they are going to come back and that they will get baptized! They are really good guys and I have grown to be good friends with them. We were also able to find quite a bit of people in thier same neighborhood!
We have been riding our bikes alot which has been alot of fun! It warmed back up so it hasn't been to cold which is really nice.
We are starting to get a lot of help from our ward members here with team ups! There is a boy that is getting ready to go on his mission to Frezno California spanish speaking and he said he would come out with us whenever we need or want him so we are going to try to get him fluent in spanish before he leaves haha.
We are teaching a family called the Camacho's. They have been taught before they just haven't been baptized and I don't know why. We are having trouble trying to figure it out. We are trying to do anything to help them see the importance of the message and how to take it seriously. It has been a challenge but I am sure that the lord will help us out some how.
It was so funny! Last night we were having our English class and we decided to teach them about Christmas since it is getting close to christmas and all. Well we taught them how to say christmas eve. Christmas eve in Spanish is Noche Buena. One of the students translated Noche Buena into English which Night Good. It was so funny! they all thought it was so funny that Christmas Eve was Night Good.
That is about it for this week sorry it is pretty lame and not exciting.
OH!!! We played the best game of Ghetto ball ever!!! We started out and we were loosing 10 to 0 and we came back to and won 24 to 22 but the kids said that we were playing to 32 and not 24 just because they lost so we kept playing and lost by 4! I ended up leaving with a untucked shirt with 2 missing bottons! It was so much fun. a guy videoed the whole thing on his phone so maybe if you have a lot of time you might be able to find it on utube or something. We stayed in our pros clothes to so we were to white kids playing in white shirt and ties and we won! IT was so much fun! anyway Have a great week cuz I know I will!
Love you all!
Elder Haws.

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