Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

It has been a really good week.
We stopped by a guys house on Saturday night who one night randomly followed us to english class and we hadn't seen him since so we decided to stop by his house and he was there! so we went in and he played some mexican music for us on his key board which was really fun and then he just told us I am coming to your church tommorrow. it starts at 9 right. We had very little trust in him that he was actually going to come because we get that told to us all the time and he is only 17 or 18 and just didn't believe it but when I saw him walking up to the door of the chruch I believed it. He came with his book of Mormon and he stayed for the entire 3 hours and seemed to really like it. He got along with the members really good and he told them he just wants to learn more about the Bible and the Book of Mormon because he never went to school and he can't read very well. He is just a really hunble guy and I am pretty excited for him. He can speak pretty good english to which is really nice.
I got sick with a sinus infection the first part of the week but feel alot better now! The mission has to cut a ton of our miles back and so we are trying to ride our bikes as much as possible while it is still really nice so we haven't been in a car for three days and we are only in it today because it is raining. I really dont' like the Alabama rain.
We set some baptismal dates with Emigdio and Rosendo and Elias. I am prett excited but they haven't come to church yet which needs to happen.
I don't have much time though so this is about it.
Mom can you ask Robert for a list of all the areas that he served in in the Mission? thanks
Love Elder Haws

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