Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Transfers November 1, 2010

Well it has been another great week. We had transfers and as you all should know my companion was going home so I got a new companion now. His name is Elder Klabacka (pronounced Kla ba ka) He is from Las Vegas and has 2 little brothers. His dad is a convert so that means that he is the very first Klabacka to ever serve a mission. How cool is that! The best part about him though is that he has been speaking spanish for the same amount of time as I have. So we both are still really new at speaking spanish. This is his second area in the field. We are having a lot of fun with it though don't worry.
We have this really sweet guy that we are working with right now. His name is Emigdio (pronounced just like it is written) He is 20 years old and is from Quatemala. He comes to our English class everytime we have it which is three times a week. We started teaching him because we were tracting and knocked on his door. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he read the first 12 chapters in like 4 days. He has continued to read and I think that we are going to see him at chruch next week. We are going to try to set a baptismal date with him tonight. We are also kind of teaching his uncle and his cousin and other family members aswell.
On saturday we went and played soccer with him and with more of our English class members. It was lots of fun to see everyones faces when we showed up because they were all Quatemalans we are white. You could just tell they thought we weren't going to be that good. However, Elder Klabacka is athletic and I played soccer so we did pretty well and they were all impressed and we got along really well. It was a lot of fun.
Church was really good and we are hoping to have a lot of success this transfer. We have a lot of potential with the people we are working with right now. Thanks for all your support and prayers.
Love Elder Haws.

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