Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interesting Story (Dec 16)

So there I was on a team up with the Zone Leaders and I was with Elder Cooley. We decided to go and do some living christmas cards. Which is where you go and knock on a door. knock knock knock knock knock and as soon as they start to open the door you sing a christmas song then ask if you can come in a share the story of jesus' birth then you read luke and leave with another song.
So Elder Cooley and I go and do this in the nicest street in Tuskegee which is right by the Lake. We walk up to the door knock knock knock knock knock. The Door opens and we sing "Joy to the world the Lord is Come Let Earth Receive her King......" As soon as we finish He says " i apprieciate what you just did but i dont celebrate christmas..." BAM shut down!!!! ( HE was a Jehovas Witness) haha but we ask if we can come and share the account of jesus' birth and he lets us in and we read and testify and the spirit was really cool. He never would have let us in if we wouldn't have sang and he doesn't even sing or like when people sing. It was big testimony of singing to me. He told us we could even come back. IT was really neat. So don't be afraid to go caroling with your friends or family and share the story of jesus and invite people to learn more about the gospel. The missionaries will love you for your help and your lives will be blessed. This truly is a joyous season and i love singing cuz its one thing i really loved about being home. Its the one thing i can still do and know that my family is doing the same thing this season.
I know that the Savior loves everyone of us no matter who we are or what we did. I know that we should be willing to show our love for him just as much as we would want someone to show their love for us. I know that we are all Children of our Father in Heaven and that the way to be truly happy is with our family. Right behind that is the Gospel. So do me a favour this year. Remember what our savior did for us and think of some way to pay him back by showing somebody in our family how much you love them.
I know it will be a special Season. I love you all and can't wait to talk to you all. Merry Christmas. God bless you. Love, The coolest thing to ever hit the south in Forever!!!!!!!! Me :0 Elder Haws

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas (Dec 9)

Hello again from Tuskegee,
Well.... another week here in the wonderful town of tuskegee has passed by. I can't believe that i have already been here for 8 weeks. time is flying by. Things are going really good though. Elder Robison and i found this family like 2 weeks before he left and we were able to teach them once then we lost contact and couldn't get a hold of them then he left and took their number so we had no way of finding them. I finally called around and found Elder Robisons new number and got their number. (they are the smiths) SO Elder Myrvang and i have been teaching them and they are way excited.
We started teaching because the mom had been taught by missionaries before about 4 years ago but the smiths moved the same time the missionaries got flushed( 2 new missionaries at the same time) into the area. So they lost contact with them. Mrs.Smith also wanted to see how her oldest daughter J'hia would react cuz she was claiming to be an athiest. (she is only 15) so we taught about the restoration and about joseph smith and how there is a prophet on the Earth today. J'hia got way excited and wants to meet him so bad. she gets on the internet and looks stuff up about him and just loves it. She also wants to get baptised but her mom wants her to learn alittle bit more first which is fine with me. The whole Family though is way cool and they actually keep their appointment which is almost non existent here. nobody keeps their appointments. I'm way happy for them.
Lark is also coming along great. Hes been on probation for 3 years and was supposed to get off monday but hasn't yet but he said he was going to move out of his girl friends house so that as soon as he gets off BAM!!! he can get baptized. He is so great. He is really funny too. OH mom and dad he said he wants to come live with me when i get back so keep that in mind. MaryAnn or Lindsey he is only 26 and is going to be single. He doesn't like his girl friend very much so..... you can finish the rest! haha I'm doing great though i love all the letters i get from everyone. I can't wait to call home for christmas. Is everyone going to be at the house or am i going to need to call everyone seperate? just let me know so i can make arrangements to call and what not.
I love you all though and i'm having a blast. ! :) there is a ton of literally crazy things and people here so there is never a dull moment. Thnks for all your prayers and buddy thanks for the package from your family tell Sara thanks for me aswell. I don't have her e-mail address.
Love you all Elder Haws

Monday, December 7, 2009


Preston finally sent me some of his pictures!! (Warning: Prepare for picture overload!) We'll start w/ the MTC pics:
And now here are the ones from Alabama:

He looks like he is doing so good!! Below are some videos I found on his card....:


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!! (Dec 2)

Hello everyone!
I'm still doing good. Thank you all for your letters this week. Tyson That was the funnyest picture i think i have ever seen. You have been hangin up lights for way to long. :) My Thanksgiving was really good. I was able to eat with a part member family and share a good lesson on thanks and families with them. Its really humbling being away and seeing how much people will still do for you.
Then we went to the Oryangs and ate with them and saw another member after that. Its really different down here. They have Dressing which is just like stuffing except its not in crumbs. Its really good. They don't have any kind of fruit pie. Its either pumpkin or sweet potato pie. They are both really good. Sweet potato pie taste almost exactly like pumpkin but just a little different. Alot of people eat Chittlans instead of turkey which seems alittle well... alot weird to me but oh well. Then they have collard greens and cornbread and macaroni and you can't forget the potato salad (which i have grown accustomed to). We have been working with the Smith family and we should be teaching them at the church tonight and setting a baptismal date with them. Mrs Smith would be the perfect young womens leader here. She is really busy already though. I'm hoping that the gospel will help her handle all that she has going. She works 7 days a week 2 different jobs totall and has 3 kid ages 15, 12, and 9 that are all very active in school and sports. she is very very busy. They are doing great though.
Then Joseph Jones should be getting baptised this sunday! He is an 18 year old kid that is going to play football at Arkansas state. A division 1 school. He is way good at football. He is a great kid and has been tough to get a hold of but we finally did and he should be getting baptised sunday. We are way excited for him.
Big C is still coming along. He said he still didn't know if the Book of Mormon was true but he was still praying. So we taught him how God was going to answer his prayer. How the Holy Ghost is going to tell him and its going to be through how he feels not by something speaking to him. So he said he'd pay attention to his feelings next time he reads. As soon as he knows the Book Of Mormon is true I think He'll get Baptised.
I really like Elder Myrvang. He knows alot and is a Very good Missionary. We are having alot of good times and things are cooking down here. Thanks for all your letters and the updates that I get from you all. I love yall. I can't wait to here from ya'll again Love Elder Haws

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guess What I Ate?! (Nov 25)

Yup i ate some pig intestines!!! Yummy! hahaha they weren't too bad actually, so long as you didn't think about what you were eating. They were different than what I thought they would be but they weren't bad. We had a member cook them for us and she knew what she was doing. Families actually eat chittlans for thanksgiving instead of Turkeys. Why? I'll never know things are going good here though. We had transfers yesterday. I'm still here in Tuskegee. Elder Robison is gone though. My new companion is Elder Myrvang. He is from the very top part of Idaho. A small town i forgot i'll tell you in the next e-mail cuz he's not right next to me right now. I can still see him though and i could talk to him but we are in a library, so i'm still obeying the rules:) Just so everybody knows any packages that you want to send me for christmas need to be sent to my actuall address which is 701 B. N. Main St apartment 7 Tuskegee, Al 36083 so just so you know otherwise i won't get it for awhile afterwards.
We are doing great here. It seems like just when the work is going no where and we are going to stop seeing someone they let us in! It's really cool but strange. I'm excited to be with Elder Myrvang. He has been out the same amount as Elder Kelley. He is a year older than i am which means he has been out for a year longer. He knows a lot and isn't afraid to step on peoples toes. He doesn't stomp on their foot which is good. I think that him and i are going to have a lot of good things happen here! i'm really excited.
Saturday we had a big bbq at the church. We dug a huge pit about 3 feet deep and 2 feet long and 6 feet wide. then we killed a pig and skinned it and pit roasted it then pulled all the meat off after it cooked for about 15 hours and then had a big bbq at the church. it was really fun. It was sad though cuz none of the boys knew how to use an axe to chop the wood or a shovel to dig the pit. Elder Robison and i basically did everything but it was really good for the boys cuz now they know what its like and we were able to teach them how to use them and stuff! It was really fun Big C came to both the bbq and church. He really enjoyed both of them. I'm way excited for him. he keeps learning and progressin alot. We have a lot of potential right now.
but i'm doing good and i love all of you guys a whole lot. i can't wait to talk to you on christmas. oh alabama plays Auburn tommorrow if any of you are interested in watching it. Its bigger than christmas down here. not even joking.
well thats about all i think i love you guys.
Elder Haws
P.S. i'm still trying to get Trishas address so if someone can send that to me or just have her write me i'd really like to hear from her. thanks. you guys are wonderful.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another GREAT week! (Nov. 18)

Well it has once again been another great week! i decided to write the main letter first since its been cut short the last couple of times due to running out of time.
It seems like everyone has been wondering 2 main things lately. First i don't know how the family back in Hamilton is doing. I haven't written Elder Kelley a letter but last i heard when i was able to call him about 4 weeks ago is that they really liked church alot and they were going to be going back. The mom said that she thought some of the members were a little weird but thats ok. One quick lesson on charity can fix that. haha As for Big C. Yes he did come to church!!!!! woohoo and he loved it. He really enjoyed it and is planning on coming back. The Zone Leaders went and saw him when they were here on their team up and were really pushing baptism and he told them that he was a baptist and he was going to stay a baptist, but he came to church and really liked it. You just have to take things pretty slow with him and they tried to force it on him. So it kind of made him back off a little but its all going to be good. They sad part is that he just sits in his house all day and doesn't look forward to anything. so if we can change that and get him out more i think it will help him alot.
Then there is Pam. Her whole family got forced into baptism and they weren't ready for it. They just got baptized to get the missionaries off of their backs, but Pam never did. She was smoking a pack a day and Before i got here Elder Robison had got her down to 1 to 2 a day. So we were working with her and she told us from the beggining don't push me i know when i'm ready and thats when i'll quit. When i'm ready. Then 2 and a half weeks ago she quit smoking!!!!! but wasn't ready for baptism she had a really soft date mainly for her to be done smoking and a zone Leader came in and threw down on her and now we haven't seen the family since. Well we saw them once in the last week. So we are trying to fix that.
Yes we got rained on. Lots of it and we happened to pick that day to be our tracting day! :) It was fun though. We didn't find anyone but when we were following up in one of the areas that we had tracted we contacted a family that lisened to the missionaries about 3 or 4 years ago. So we taught them and they were way into it. We had lots of fun and they were way into it and they knew alot already. The mom remembered a lot from the past missionaries but the kids don't remember them to much. They are the Smiths. one mom and 3 girls. 15 12 and 9 are their ages.
I don't think i have told you guys about sister moore yet so i am going to take the opportunity right now. sister Moore is an old member of the branch that really loves the missionaries but she is a little bit different then your normal member that loves the missionaries. We go and help her pick up pecans from the pecan tree in her front yard about twice a week and she tells us everytime that you can't buy love and that we shouldn't ever waste our money on a girl that says she loves us without her showin us she loves us. Then the first question she asks every new missionary is "Would you every marry a black girl" and she is always telling us she has a couple of black girls that want to meet us and she is going to lock us in a room with them. We don't have to do anything just talk to them and maybe hold their hands or something haha but she never brings them over. She knows we'll get into trouble and so she doesn't. she is way way sweet though. I really want you guys to meet her. She would be the only reason i bring you to Tuskegee.
We are going to be eating thanks giving dinner with the Oryang family. Pride Oryang is leaving on the 2nd of dec to go to L.A. on his mission and Kiendrick just got his call to New York New York North. That was pretty exciting. HE was baptised 2 years ago. He is the only member of his family also. ITs way cool.
Mom can you tell Elly that that it is way cool she is going to state and i tell her good job i hope she does well and that i really liked the picture of her holding the black and white daisy thanks.
Well it is still really nice weather here. Its weird i should be wearing a coat but i'm still in my short sleeves. haha everyone else here thinks it is cold. I gave a talk on the atonement on sunday it was really good. We also had a recent convert give a talk. Elder Robison and I helped her write and she gave it. it was really good.
Thats about all though for this week. Thanks for all the updates from every one it was good to hear from you!. Can't wait till next week! Love you all Elder Haws.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Turning 3 Tomorrow! (Nov. 11th)

Well tomorrow is my 3 months mark. So i'm halfway to being able to burn my tie!!!! I can't believe its been that long already. It seems like it was just yesterday i was in primary and just a few hours ago i was in Sunday school.
Things are going good here in Tuskgegee. We had a team up with the zone leaders yesterday and we went tracting alot and it rained for a constant 25 hours. So we were soaking wet, but thats ok i was getting hot wife points. :) just kidding. We were able to find some new people to teach though which was exciting. I hope they all will show some progress. Big C wasn't home when we went to get him for church but he said he was sorry and that he would come this week. I sure hope so.
That was really cool about the christmas tree! That would have been fun to be at. It sounds like the family has been really busy. Things must be really hoppin back home. I got a letter from the Amity ward, that was a nice surprise. i'm glad that sister Adair does that for us. It was really nice.
Things are going good though. Thanks for all your prayers and your letters. Its nice to hear from everyone. Sorry this one is so short. Love ya'll Elder Haws

Friday, November 6, 2009

November 4th, 2009

Well its another week gone.
We are in Alex City right now. I'm on a team up with the other missionaries in my district. I forgot to tell ya'll that they are trying something new in the mission and they split all the zones so we went from 5 to 10 zones in one day so my district was cut down to just us and Alex city. So i'm with them yesterday and today. As we were doing our Laundry Elder Stead couldn't find his wallet. We couldn't find it anywhere. We went and started looking at the cameras and there was a girl that we were talking to that I helped load all her laundry in her car. She ended up swiping it. You can totally see her eyeing and waiting for just the right time, but i guess she goes there alot and so i think they will catch her. We have her and her vehicle on camera. Its just crazy cuz Elder Robison had his stolen just before i got put with him when he was serving with Elder Stead.
We have had a really good week so far. Big C is going to be at church on sunday. We took the first counselor of the presidency over after church and big c said that he just didn't have a wheel chair once he got there so we found him one and he is coming. I'm way excited.
Also Pam quit smoking and her baptism date is for the 15th and i really think she is going to do it! We are meeting with several people at the church tonight to teach so hopefully good things will come from that as well.
I was getting discouraged because we had 3 days where nothing was going our way nobody was answering their doors and weren't keeping appointments. It was really tough but we kept going and its all paid off. I knew if we kept pushing through it all, then we would be rewarded and sure enough it happened.
Pride Oryang is home and he has some people for us to teach as well before he goes on his mission to L.A. He is a way good guy. He knows everybody also which is really good. We have had 3 people tell us this week that if we changed our attire then more people would listen to us. Its true but at the same time they wouldn't take us serious. That is way you need to have the members doing alot cuz they look like normal people. So remember that everybody. Members are more productive in missionary work than we are.
Our Halloween cosisted of a regular day. We saw people and then at night the kid that translates for us to the deaf lady we are teaching invited us to his church for a halloween get to gether. So we went. It was way fun. They fed and we were able to watch the kids. Got to go bye every one love you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 28, 2009 (Sorry it took so long to get this posted)

Well hello everyone.
Something really cool happened this morning as i was reading my e-mails. We usually do that at about 10 am our time and right in the middle i got a letter from mom which means she was on the same time i was! It was neat.
Anyway. Things are cooking down here in Tuskgegee. We have around 7 people that really are looking good for baptism this transfer and 3 more that could but it will be hard for them to which makes a grand total of 10 people. I would be so so so happy if that happened. It sure would be a great blessing to Tuskgegee.
There is a guy that we call Big C. His real name is Clerance. He reminds me a lot of Big John. He is in an electric wheel chair because his foot started to regrow itself in a different form. Its weird. (Dad do you think you might be able to ask uncle willis about it. Thats all i know about it though sorry i cant tell more details) He was eating South meat when Elder Robison found him. Elder Robison was seeing another investigator who was with Big C. Big C told them that it wasn't healthy for him and so Elder Robison and Seamons asked him to quit. They didn't really ask him though. They were seeing Calloway who has been meeting with missionaries for 2 years he just won't quit smoking he comes to church every week and every thing he just won't quit. So what they did was asked big C if he would quit eating south meat if Calloway quit smoking. Remember this was Big C's first time meeting missionaries. He said sure and hasn't had any since. Then we were talkin about that a couple of days ago with Big C and we talked about the word of wisdom. We showed him where it was in the Doctrine and Covenants but that was all. The next day he told us he thought of having a cup of coffee but didn't cuz it wasn't good for you! We didn't even ask him not to it was so cool. He is currently reading and praying about the book of mormon.
Then we are workin with a family. 4 daughters and a mom. The daughters all want to get baptized but the mom won't let them yet. We are going to get her though and then she is going to get baptized also, she just doesn't know it yet. :) We met a guy that was going to get baptized he just needed one more week and he was getting baptized then he got blamed for beating up a white girl and stealing from her. What happened though was he gave the person a ride. He didn't know the guy he was just being nice and gave him a ride so he got the blame cuz they got his plate number. He was put on probation for 3 years and that is up on december 7th so he will get baptized the 13th! There are alot of people that are ready its just that nobody keeps commitments here, so its really tough to get them to church and they don't have cars so thats a challenge too. Its a good experience though.
Everyone thinks that we have a lot of money too. Even the members think that. They don't realize that we live off our own savings or from what our parents are paying. People are always asking for money its sad cuz you want to help them but you can't or they will keep asking you for more and more and more.
Elder Robison is a good guy. He is mono tone though. I have to really focus on the things that he is saying when he talks cuz i have a hard time focusing. It doesnt seem to affect the people that we teach though which is really nice.
There is no such thing as a real family here. There are a lot of single girls with 1 to 5 kids that are usually all from a different dad. its really sad. They do it so that they can get a check from the government i think. They just really need the gospel and they need to live it also. The temple president came and spoke on sunday about being active in the gospel not active in the church. What he meant was do you do what your supposed to be doing all the time or do you just come to church every sunday and thats it? He gave stories and examples of being active in the gospel. It was really neat. It made me think of if everyone was active in the gospel at all times then the missionaries would be so busy that we wouldn't have time for lunch or tracting. That would just be the best thing ever!!!
I'm doing Great though and i am loving the work. There is a member here, her name is sister moore. she is over 75 i know that much but she is alwas checking on us and tells us she has girls that she wants us to meet. Its really funny i guess she tells every missionary that. She also asks every missionary if they would ever marry a black girl its really funny. I just told her if i loved her then yes haha it was great. But I got to go times up. I love you all.
Dad can you ask Debbit how they got a rack for John's wheel chair on their van and about much it costs. Thanks. K love you all. Elder Haws

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009

Well i had a big letter typed up and ready to go but it got erased! I'm a little dissapointed Well Elder Kikuche came and talked to us yesterday which is why i'm writing to you today.
He talked about how we can get the spirit of the closer to us so that we can fulfill the vision that President Tate had when he first got here. The vision was to have 400 convert baptisms a month throughout the mission. I honestly believe that it is going to happen. If we do what Elder kikuche (the Lord) told us to do. it was really really good.
Tuskgegee is going really good. I'm way excited to be here. We have a lot of really good potentials all we have to do is seal the deal. so we are trying to do that.
My new companion is Elder Robison he is from Nevada about an hour outside of Las Vegas;. He has been out for 5 months now his birthday was monday!!! He is a good one. He killed his first two missionaries and his last companion didn't know too much so he said he basically did everything so he is way excited to give someone else the reins. As a senior companion all you do is make the descisions when you have a free slot in you day and you need to fill it with something so your not just sittin around. And as a district leader you have to give two trainings to your district and you have to call them every night see how their day went and then call the zone leaders too its not too bad. I'm the youngest one in my district besides elder Larson who was my MTC roommate! its fun.
I guess President Tate calls a lot of the leaders young. I think its so that they have to grow up and learn really quick. One thing ive noticed though is that just cuz your in leadership positions doesn't make you any better than the other guy. Its been really fun though. one set of the missionaries in the Disrtrict opened a new area so we are hoping to see success from that area.
My mailing address MaryAnn is 3100 E Birmingham Al, 35216. its easier if you sent it to the mission office because then no matter where i am i'll get it. ! okie dokie. however my house address for whoever wants to look it up on the internet is 701 B. North main street. Tuskegee Al 36083 its an apartment. Its the very last one basically. Elder Kikuche has an article in the august ensign that has alot of the same topics that he talked to us about if you guys want to read it. i highly suggest it. That man is so awesome. He told us his conversion story and it was the best thing i have ever heard. It was amazing and he carried the spirit so well.
Oh yea thanks for the fruit leather and for the other package mom. And it turns out that my companion has a gps so i don't need one after all and the one that was sent i'm not to sure if it will work or not just because i'm not sure if you can type addresses into it. Thats the main reason i would want one because we get referrals from the MTC and so we have to find their house but i'll see i need to put new batteries in it cuz it wasn't turnng on but i'll see thanks for the idea! id much rather this one be able to work rather than buy a new one cuz the one i was looking at was about 130 dollars which i don't have. Thanks for the info on my account mom.
oh and mom if you want to send me one of the cards. I don't know if you can just put the pictures on a cd but that way i can send you the card with all my pictures on it so far or i can just print them off the good and important ones and i can send them to you. I just don't know if lindsey will be able to upload them to my blog or not if they aren't on a hard copy just let me know what would work out the best and i will do it.
I appreciate the letters that i get every week from you all. It makes my day go a lot better. Thanks.
Love you all so much Eler Haws

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 14, 2009

Well i'll follow the order of the title of this e-mail by starting with the good then the bad then i'll end with the lord.
I'm sure you are all dying to find out what happened with the family that was praying about the book of Mormon. Well we didn't hear from them that night. So we called them and they didn't answer. We left a message and they never called us back. We called them again and nothing. Saturday comes around and we still havent heard anything. Remember that they were supposed to have thier answer by wednesday night at 6. We decided to drive down and see them.
When we get there Brandy says, "I know why your here, You want to know if we got our answer dont you?" and of course we did. she tells us that it didn't happen when we told her it would, however Patrick woke up in the middle of the night thursday and just knew it was true. Brandy didn't get hers till saturday just before we got there. She prayed and didn't get it so she thought she would go talk to her family about it, cuz her aunt is a preacher and her brother or uncle is a preacher and they know alot about the gospel. So she asked them questions about how do you know what church is true and how do you get knowledge. They all told her "you pray and ask God". She said so they weren't very much help, so i just figured well i prayed i want to know but i guess God doesnt' want me to know. Then she was driving down the road not thinking about it or anything just driving and she said that it just popped into her mind. The words "The book is true" just jumped right in. So they know it is a true book. We had a good lesson with them. She wants to feed us and they came to church and loved it. The members did a great job at making them feel accepted. I bet they are baptized in 2 weeks at the most maybe 3 though. We also got her cousin interested as well.
The work is going good. The family of 9 that we were workin with started avoiding us so we are giving them a break cuz we don't want to seem pushy cuz thats what went wrong with the last elders.
Everyone is getting sick though. Alot of the houses that we go knockin on say we are sick come back later its way frustrating. Aunt jo got pnemonia and was in the hopital so she still hasn't been confirmined a member yet its been 2 weeks since she was baptised. We'll get her though.
Now for the bad, i'm getting transferred. I leave tommorrow which is Thursday. Lindsey remember when you said that its weird that there are so many white people and you just thought of the south as african americans. Well i'm going to Tusgegee. Which is by Montgomery. it is 98.9% black. It is the highest percent of black people per capita or however you say that in the nation or something. So i get to go from a lot of white to all black! I'm excited for it. I just wanted to see Brandy and Patrick go all the way. I'm going to be senior companion and the District Leader as well. Which pulls me in to my next topic the help of the lord.
I've noticed as ive been out that you can't do anything without the help of the lord. Every thing that is good comes from the lord. Everything! I think people forget that sometimes. They fail to see the miracles of the lord because they say that it is a coinsedent. i can't spell that word. But i know that i need to go to Tusgegee and leave Hamilton for a reason and that if i trust in the lord and use the help that he is constantly trying to give me, then i will continue to do whats right. so remember that in your lives. The lord wants you to do good things and to succeed. When your not succeeding and recieving blessings its becuse you need to change something not the lord doesn't want to give you that blessing.
I love you all thanks for you letters. i'll try to sent some pictures home. oh umm Mom or dad next time you send me a package can it include a oil valve? and i might buy a gps depending on if my new companion has one. let me know how you feel about that. they really help alot out here. just let me know in you e-mails this week ok. I love you guys, Elder Haws

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7 Letter

Another really great week. sorry this is probably going to be the only letter i can write this week so i'll try to answer everyones questions. but first off the work is still rockin i swear that that the Lord really needed missionaries here and has been preparing the people here.
My first week here we had a appointment from the missionaries in Haileyville (they were working both areas) to go to Sulligent about a 35 minute drive to teach a lady. so that day we were way busy and weren't even sure if we should go. we didn't have very many miles and we didn't want to waste them if she wasn't a lagit prospect so we tried calling the other missionaries and they didn't answer so we prayed about it and felt like we needed to go so we did!!
we drive down there and knock on her door and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!!! no answer. we were like no way she isn't even here. we were way bumbed. we saw some kids playing ball on the courts so we went and talked to them. (we are in the projects, government homes) they were not interested but they were only 12 ish so we go to the car put in into drive and we both feel like we needed to teach a lesson.
so we go talk to this lady on her porch. she listens to us asks questions about the women and why they can't be a "preacher" haha it was funny. then we left and got a return appt.
We go back and she is there and tells us that as soon as we left her neighbors tell her not to listen to us but she let us in anyway it was way cool. her husband was there that time to. we teach them about the restoration and it was great. we leave and they said to call for our next appt.
We tried calling them throughout the week and a couple of times the next week once the week after that no answer everytime and they didin't return our calls. and we couldn't go see them cuz of miles. We finally get down there to see if they are still interested cuz we were like they are doggin us. so we get there and they are way excited to see us. and we got a baptism date with her her name is Brandy and Patrick had to leave in the middle so we didn't get one for him. they said they would come to church/conference. we are way excited. oh they are black and have 3 baptismal age kids also.
they don't show us to church... we are like what the heck. so we go and see them again and find out she is way nervous about being the only black family in the church, beleive it or not there are hardly any black peopl in Hamilton and the surrounding towns, and so she didn't come. We tell it wont be a problem. we talk about previous black peopl in the church. anyway this i way long sorry. so we end up going back the same night with a member who is the 2nd couselor in th branch presidency. way lagit guy. We have a bomb lesson and talk about how the church service works. Then elder kelley tells them i know that this book is true and i know that if you pray about you'll get the same answer. He says in fact i'm so confident that youll get an answer and if you really pray about it tonight with a real intent and really want to find out. i know that you'll get your answer by 6 tommorrow night. will you guys commit to do that tonight and they were like ya totally! so that was last night. Tune in next week and i'll tell you how it goes!! haha its like the missions soap opera :) transfers are in a week from tommorrow so next thursday we find out a week from yesterday. i did get your package mom thank you so much i needed everything that was in it. thanks. Lindsey that is a way cool story about my cards i can't beleive it. tell her thanks for me. i hope that whoever you were writing isn't like who is this chick and what are these cards what??? haha they are probably telling that story to all thier friends. i don't ride my bike very much it is to spread out. and to dangerous on all th main roads. there are no sidwalks except for the main street its weird. MaryAnn sorry to hear about the speakers but thanks for the way funny story. i loved it. Dallin keep up the good work thatnks for you input. and Kim its always nice to hear from you. good luck on all your preparation for the baby. hope everything works out. Buddy and sara Love you both. and trisha and brynn love you guys to.
Love ya'll
Elder Haws
p.s. don't send anything to my apartment this week incase i get transfered send it to the mission homw if you send anything that way i'll get it quicker. thanks.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September 30, 2009 Great News!!

HEllo everyone!well i have some great news! its been a good week. we have another baptism this evening! she is 55 and everyone calls her Aunt Jo. she is a recent converts Aunt who has been taught for about 2 months now i think and had to give up coffe tea and smoking but she finally told us two weeks ago i'm done i hate this and i'm going to quit give me all the candy and cool aide you got cuz i'm ganna need it. haha so we didi and she has quit. its way cool. once again for some reason she wants me to baptise her. she didn't want someone from the ward so that is cool. then yesterday (tuesday) we had our zone conference and it was awesome. everyone was saying that the first interview with president Tate is tough. i wasn't worried though cuz we were dong our job so he counldn't be to mad with me and her wasn't. then Elder kelley and our Zone Leader both told me that they talked about me in thier interview. they said that i'm doing great. i think i'm going to be getting transfered cuz president Tate told Elder Kelley that my leadership is needed somewhere else. he also said that i was going to train but said i dont know if it will be this time or not. I haven't even looked at the list of how many we are getting this time. haha PResident Tate is way awesome. so I guess he likes me but i know its all cuz of my Trainer. us Mountain of Arizona boys know how its done.Elder Kelley used to be in Buddies ward down in queen creek and i guess Sara cut his hair before he left for the MTC. that was cool to find out. He also told me that Matt Bloonfield got his call to Stokholm Sweden which is way cool. Lindsey what is the story about my memory cards? i'm way excited they are found. How did it happen? the odds are insane!!tell Layne that i vagley remember the cook book but i don't know if i ever took it home or not. you might want to check with all our other cook books or if you know what i took it home for like what recipe i wanted that would help me remeber. we finally are having way nice weather which is exciting! it definately makes the days more enjoyable. Elder Kelley and i talked on Sunday. It was great!! I talked on Fiath, Hopw and Charity and how without those things you are nothing and that led into Elder Kelley calling the branch out to repentance in a good way. he read D and C 18 which is a great chapter and told them straight up if you are fighting amongst yourselves then we as missionaries can't do much cuz we need the help of the members. he also said that missionary work isn't just about those that don't have the gosple but those that do and have left and how if you don't care about those that aren't here then you are full of pride and at the end everyone told us we did good and that thats what the branch needed. so we are hoping it worked and that the members don't think we were talking to everyone but them. we are way excited though. we are working with a family of 7 kids. thier mom is a less active member and thier dad isn't a member so there is poteintial for 8 new members. we are having fun with them. they are all baptism age to. it will really help the branch out if they join!haha we went to a civil war reenactment. Our ward mission leader was in it. it was so cool. i got some pictures and a video. they had cannons and muskets and yankees and confederates. it was really neat. Before that we were visiting some referalls out in the booneies of Winfeild and almost ran over a turtle we were going to keep it but decided not to. good times.well i miss and love you all. talk to you next weekElder Haws

Friday, September 25, 2009

September 23, 2009

Hi everyonewell things are getting good. i'm now halfway through my first transfer! man has it flown. i'm now used to the schedule and the long days and the food and my companion and the area and how everything works. We are doing good but we ran into a stumbling block i guess you could say. believe it or not a mission isn't always about baptizing. I'm sure dad, Buddy and Tyson already know this. We can't do anything in this Branch until we change the people in the branch. if you were to take our ward and the amount of drama that goes on in it and multiply it bay atleast 10 or 15 that is what it is like here. the members have been here for so long that they know so much about everyone that they don't do anything so we are trying to help the members get the unity of the ward back and the love that is missing so that when we bring people to the church they don't feel shunned or left our because of who thier mom or thier aunt is which has happened. so thats something i didn't think to expect. its way fun though! i love doing this work. If any of you guys want to rain there is plenty of it over here i guess the saints are just more righteous over here cuz it rains everyday hard rains to and we don't even have to fast for it! haha just kidding but seroiusly its rained every day for 2 weeks good rains to. two days ago we were helping a less Active member on his home who used to be the Branch President. He got called to serve in kuwait for the army and when he was gone the branch members basically deserted him and his family so they got way offended and haven't been back for awhile. Its weird though because he knows the church is true and has a stong testimony he just hates the member here. so we were helping him out cuz all he needs is friends. he needs to repent and be forgiving and so do the members and then it will be ok but its going to be a tough thing for them to do but someone needs to. anyway he offered a prayer on luch and said thanks you for the rain but get rid of it we don't need anymore. it was funny to hear the complete opposite of what we usually pray for in Arizona.Anyway the work is going good. I love you all! be safe.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letter from 9/16

Well hello everyone! first off mom your letter for you and dad will be at the bottom of this letter just so you know!Well the work here in Hamilton is going so great! you guys will never believe the dedication of the members here. Every tuesday night we meet at the church at 6 or 6:30 and we split up and either go and give surveys that are 4 simple question asking about the book of mormon, modern day prophets, strengthening familes and last if you answered yes to these three questions willyou accept to young men to come teach you more about these things. or we go visit less actives or we teach lessons. there is so much work here that Elder Kelley and i have to have the members help and they offer it more than i have seen anywhere elso in the chruch it is awesome.I have already been able to Experience my first baptism! there was a 10 year boy whose mother is a member but stopped going and he never was baptised so the missonaries have been teaching him but his mom wasn't letting him be baptised. she wanted him to know why he was getting baptised which is a good thing but she also said i don't want him to get older and make a serious sin and wish he wasn't baptised yet. which is wrong so when we were "teaching" him(i say that because he already knew everything) we would teach her. and one day we were teaching and he was ready to get baptised and we just kept telling her he needs to get baptised and we weren't leaving till she said it was ok and then we said some things that hit home to her and she agreed. that was on friday and he got baptised sunday and he wanted me to do it! it was cool and just an awesome expiernce. seeing the hand of the lord use us to teach her truths and soften her heart was really neat. and he is a great kid. his name is stephen Wisnat. its fun to say! but that was that.the work is going great! i ove it here. there is something great that we are going to be a part of in Hamilton we can feel it. but i have to go so that i can get mom and dads in also. but i love you guys miss you all.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Pictures of Preston's Farewell

I know that these are from awhile ago, but Mom and I thought these would be good pictures for Preston's Blog. These are pictures from Preston's Farewell. Enjoy!

Last family pictures for awhile!

August 29, 2009

Hey Family!!
Well first off I'm going to let Elder Hoffman say Hi ok?
"Yo...what is up? Yo son rocks my socks! He's my inspirational. He has a fabooleus voice! I love him like a brutha! I assume you are marvelous because he turned out so well! Goodbye!"

Sorry about that. He is crazy. Well I started this saturday. It's now sunday. We had a really good fireside tonight. it was on blessing and we got to listen to Elder Allen who made all the short commercials for the church! They were so so funny. I would suggest finding them some how cuz they are short power statements that reallyl are important. It was cool. He explained the background on each of them and why they were made. It showed the purpose of them.
Then we watched the Joseph Smith video! Holy cow. Talk about sweet. You think watching that at the temple was good...try watching it with a huge gym full of missionary's that are going to be teaching, preaching, and testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel and of what Joseph Smith died for. We are sharing the message of Jesus Christ and his redeeming love and atonement for us. It's awesome!! I can't wait!
Anyway so the MTC is so wonderful. Our district has done a 180 degree turn around. We were having a hard time focusing and having personal/companion study but we buckled down and got to work and we work hard and do work! It's great. And because of that my companionship is doing alot better as well. Me and Elder Harrison really are getting along and having tons of fun and laughs together. It's great. It's to bad I don't get to be his companion in the field.
Dad, the food is varied. Usually we have 3 different items to choose from then a salad/ wrap/ breakfast bar so it is awesome. I've already put on weight. I'm enjoying free food while I can. It's around 15 lbs. An entire belt hole! but don't go telling everyone that cuz I'm going to work it off promise. Ha ha.
Yes, mom, it will be my e-mail address for my entire mission. Oh and I got my travel times. I leave next wed the 2nd at 4 in the morning and my flight leaves at 7ish so I'll be calling home about 5 ish to 6 ish if that's ok. Then I can call again in Georgia but that will be in the afternoon so I'd like to be able to talk to Dallin in the morning. I'll send more details when I can. Love ya'll....
Love, Preston

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 26, 2009

Hey Everyone!Well week number 2 is down just one more to go! it has been so much fun. i love it here but still can't wait to get to alabama. its wednesday which means p-day!Yesterday we had our devotional and our speaker was Elder Scott from the quorum of the 12. it was so good. he was talking on having the spirit of the lord with you and he needed some people to stand up at the microphones that were placed in the middle of the room to answer some questions and read things and stuff so i stood up and there were about 10 other missonaries between the 2 mics and i got to answer one of his questions and it was really cool but what was even cooler was he eventually put down his notes and said you guys are doing wonderful tonight and skipped his lesson and told personal stories of how the spitit has protected him in his life. when we were talking about it in our district review brother Howard who is a counselor on the branch presidency said that he has never before heard answers like tonight. he said usually the apostle has to twist what the missonaries say to get the truth of the question across but tonight Elder Scott never had to. He said you guys as missonaries had the spirit about you and are going to make wonderful missionaries. IT WAS SO COOL.i'm almost out of time but then i was talking in the leadership meeting and my branch president is a son in law to Neil a Maxwell. it was just an awesom evening and Elder Scott put blessings on us and it was just amazin to hear him speak.I love you all i hope your doing well you are all in my Preayers and i love you very much. Good luck in Egypt! can't wait to hear about it. next time you get an e-mail from me i'll be in alabama!!! Love you all so much i'm doing great food is wonderful saw Jordon udall he left tuesday and others from rv. k really have to go now! bye

elder haws

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday Letter

Well it's my first P-day on the mission. I love P-days. They are so nice. I feel like I've jsut been going and going and going then today it jsut stopped. We got up, had personal study, went to breakfast at 8:15 - 9:00, companion studay 9-10, now laundry from 11-whenever it get done. I'ts been really relaxing. We have some new elders coming in today. It will be fun to see them and their orange dots. Good memories, huh?
Last night we got to hear Elder Spence V Jones at a devotional. He was a great speaker. He talked on teaching by the spirit, had lots of great insights. Did you know that when Ammon taught King Limoni he used our same format that we use now. The questions he asked the king are Our same questions in Preach My Gospel. Even down to the recommended order of asking!!
It was crazy! It proved to me even more that God's church is the same as it ever was....and won't ever change. It's always the same. He won't ever change it. It was good. There was lots of other cool things but that one was my fav.
My District is awesome. We have bonded really well. We get along and we have fun together. It's fun when we are just chillin in the dorms from 9:30ish to ten. 4 of them are from Utah, 1 from Idaho (Shelly), 1 from California, and 1 from Washington. We are a wide spread of personalities but it's great cuz we have our own insights on things. So we learn and teach each other alot.
How do you like the Pontiac, MOM? Dad, when are you going to get another truck? Can you send me a picture of the Reece family? And tell me their address or give them mine? I'd like to write them if possible and I should be able to e-mail today hopefully. We'll talk to you in December! Write before that please! Love you all.....Preston

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures of Goodbye's and Drop off

Here are some pictures of the drop off and goodbyes for 2 years! The day before Preston went into the MTC these 3 went temple hopping. I think they attended 3 different temples in one day.
The day of the drop off. Getting ready to go to his last family breakfast
Goodbye dad...
I love you mom!...
Waving goodbye!

Family Email Wednesday August 19

Hey everyone! this is Elder Haws! this is my e-mail first of all. io can only use it on wednesdays so don't excpect a letter every day :) k. next the MTC is way way fun. its the best. I have a fun district that work hard and still have fun while they do it! i was asked to be the district leader the night that i got here so i am in charge of 8 other Elders and have to answer thier questions and things like that. it was scary at first but now its not that companions name is Elder Harrison he is from Provo. He is going to my same misson and is pretty fun. we get along which is good. i have two other roommates Elder Kidman (from Shelly ID) and Elder Larson (from washington) they are good guys to. elder kidman is buff and into sports and is fun to be around. Elder Larson is engaged and is quiet and different but really has a strong testimony of the gospel and is a very very good guy. maybe close to my favorite. my classes are great and i have learned so much. its fun seeing the new missionaries that are coming in today and they look so little and intimidating but i was just there a week ago its crazy to think about. my teachers are a brother smith and a sister gibbson. brother smith served a mission in batton rouge louisianna and sister gibbson served in omaha nebraska. they are fun and know the gospel inside and out and back again. we are blessed to have them as teachers.well i think that is all for now. if you have any questions just e-mail me and i'll try to get back to you in the group e-mail but if everyone can give me your home addresses when you write back that way if i don't have enough time i can write you a letter. i'm only aloud half an hour. so that would be great to have everyones addresses to! thanks Everyone for your love and support! Love you ALLElder Haws

Jeremiah 4: 19-20, 31

Well I've made it to sunday which is the day that all the missionaries here say is the day to make it to. They say if you last till sunday you'll last for 2 years. So I'm good. Haha.
I'm excited for today. I get to talk with the branch president again and hopefully learn more for sure.
My companion Elder Harrison is a great missionary. I can learn alot from him if I pay attention. I'm glad we're companions. My District 37D is such a good district. We bonded really fast and are great freinds. We focus hard in classes and we get the work done. There is very little complaining. I love it. Gym time is fun also. I have learned how to play 4 square and it's a way fun game. You guys should look up the rules and get Dallin to play it with friends sometime.
I get to go to the Oquirah Mt. temple dedication! I got interviewed and got my reccommend today. I'm pretty excitetd! I know I went to the Snowflake dedication but I don't really remember what happened and things like that so it will be great to be able todo it again as a missionary. I'm WAY excited. This is such a fun place. I'm glad they give us the time here to learn.
Our district walked up and around the Provo temple sunday. It was pretty up there. I can't wait to go through this temple. We met a family from Elder Udall's mission. It was cool. One guy was baptised and had a wife and kid and he's visiting his dad and mom. His dad wasn't wearing garments and I think he was baptised and waiting to go to the temple. But he said to our district and another district "Take a picture with me, it would be a great honor for me." So we did . It was a great feeling. I was angry I didn't have my camera with me. but it's ok.
How was the valley? How is the family? For familynight or just any ole time you guys should read Jeremiah 4:19-20; 31. When you do think of me eating the MTC food and what you read is how I feel after eating it. You may not understand but it's ok if you don't. No worries.
Well off to breakfast! Love you guys! Elder Haws

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First letter from Preston!

So the MTC is awesome!!! (No matter what everyone says.) The MTC is so much fun. It's crazy. and when I say crazy I mean it's crazy. You're always doing something whether it's writing home or reading the sscriptures, preach my gospel, classes, eating, companion or personal study, going to the gym, the temple, or choir....It's nuts...but way fun.
My comanion is Elder Harrison. He is from provo and is very funny. He's a cool guy. He plays baseball. He's even a catcher. Pretty cool huh? My other roommate is Elder Kidman. He dated Paige Finch. small world. He's good too. Fun and cool. Elder Larson is a little different....but a great great missionary. He is engaged and has a lock of hair from her. But strong guy.
Went to lots of meetings today. met my branch president and the MTC president. Learned about the MTC and it was good. I was made the Big DL (district leader). crazy isn't it? But pretty cool. I'm excited for it and hope I do a good job at it. It means I'm in charge of 8 Elders and they come to me when theyneed help. It's weird cuz I have no idea what's going on but we've managed.
There are 8 of us going to the Birmingham Alabama Mission and 4 of us are staying in the same room. They are fun guys. The food is of course great! I don't know if it's cuz it really IS good or cuz it's all you can eat every meal! But either way I can't complain right?
My words of wisdom are for everyone to LIVE THE STANDARDS. They are worth it. Don't change them for anything. I didn't bear my testimony on my last fast sunday at home but I have a testimony of this church and the gospel. Jesus Christ IS AMAZING and HE loves us and always will. Don't ever forget that. I will also. Love, Elder Haws"

Monday, August 10, 2009

His Mission Emails

So that everyone can see what Elder Haws is up to I will be posting all of his email to this blog for you to read. I'll try to keep it as current as possible as I know that everyone will be eager to hear how he is doing! We miss him already and are excited for him to enter the MTC on Wednesday!