Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First letter from Preston!

So the MTC is awesome!!! (No matter what everyone says.) The MTC is so much fun. It's crazy. and when I say crazy I mean it's crazy. You're always doing something whether it's writing home or reading the sscriptures, preach my gospel, classes, eating, companion or personal study, going to the gym, the temple, or choir....It's nuts...but way fun.
My comanion is Elder Harrison. He is from provo and is very funny. He's a cool guy. He plays baseball. He's even a catcher. Pretty cool huh? My other roommate is Elder Kidman. He dated Paige Finch. small world. He's good too. Fun and cool. Elder Larson is a little different....but a great great missionary. He is engaged and has a lock of hair from her. But strong guy.
Went to lots of meetings today. met my branch president and the MTC president. Learned about the MTC and it was good. I was made the Big DL (district leader). crazy isn't it? But pretty cool. I'm excited for it and hope I do a good job at it. It means I'm in charge of 8 Elders and they come to me when theyneed help. It's weird cuz I have no idea what's going on but we've managed.
There are 8 of us going to the Birmingham Alabama Mission and 4 of us are staying in the same room. They are fun guys. The food is of course great! I don't know if it's cuz it really IS good or cuz it's all you can eat every meal! But either way I can't complain right?
My words of wisdom are for everyone to LIVE THE STANDARDS. They are worth it. Don't change them for anything. I didn't bear my testimony on my last fast sunday at home but I have a testimony of this church and the gospel. Jesus Christ IS AMAZING and HE loves us and always will. Don't ever forget that. I will also. Love, Elder Haws"

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