Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday Letter

Well it's my first P-day on the mission. I love P-days. They are so nice. I feel like I've jsut been going and going and going then today it jsut stopped. We got up, had personal study, went to breakfast at 8:15 - 9:00, companion studay 9-10, now laundry from 11-whenever it get done. I'ts been really relaxing. We have some new elders coming in today. It will be fun to see them and their orange dots. Good memories, huh?
Last night we got to hear Elder Spence V Jones at a devotional. He was a great speaker. He talked on teaching by the spirit, had lots of great insights. Did you know that when Ammon taught King Limoni he used our same format that we use now. The questions he asked the king are Our same questions in Preach My Gospel. Even down to the recommended order of asking!!
It was crazy! It proved to me even more that God's church is the same as it ever was....and won't ever change. It's always the same. He won't ever change it. It was good. There was lots of other cool things but that one was my fav.
My District is awesome. We have bonded really well. We get along and we have fun together. It's fun when we are just chillin in the dorms from 9:30ish to ten. 4 of them are from Utah, 1 from Idaho (Shelly), 1 from California, and 1 from Washington. We are a wide spread of personalities but it's great cuz we have our own insights on things. So we learn and teach each other alot.
How do you like the Pontiac, MOM? Dad, when are you going to get another truck? Can you send me a picture of the Reece family? And tell me their address or give them mine? I'd like to write them if possible and I should be able to e-mail today hopefully. We'll talk to you in December! Write before that please! Love you all.....Preston

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