Monday, August 31, 2009

August 29, 2009

Hey Family!!
Well first off I'm going to let Elder Hoffman say Hi ok?
"Yo...what is up? Yo son rocks my socks! He's my inspirational. He has a fabooleus voice! I love him like a brutha! I assume you are marvelous because he turned out so well! Goodbye!"

Sorry about that. He is crazy. Well I started this saturday. It's now sunday. We had a really good fireside tonight. it was on blessing and we got to listen to Elder Allen who made all the short commercials for the church! They were so so funny. I would suggest finding them some how cuz they are short power statements that reallyl are important. It was cool. He explained the background on each of them and why they were made. It showed the purpose of them.
Then we watched the Joseph Smith video! Holy cow. Talk about sweet. You think watching that at the temple was good...try watching it with a huge gym full of missionary's that are going to be teaching, preaching, and testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel and of what Joseph Smith died for. We are sharing the message of Jesus Christ and his redeeming love and atonement for us. It's awesome!! I can't wait!
Anyway so the MTC is so wonderful. Our district has done a 180 degree turn around. We were having a hard time focusing and having personal/companion study but we buckled down and got to work and we work hard and do work! It's great. And because of that my companionship is doing alot better as well. Me and Elder Harrison really are getting along and having tons of fun and laughs together. It's great. It's to bad I don't get to be his companion in the field.
Dad, the food is varied. Usually we have 3 different items to choose from then a salad/ wrap/ breakfast bar so it is awesome. I've already put on weight. I'm enjoying free food while I can. It's around 15 lbs. An entire belt hole! but don't go telling everyone that cuz I'm going to work it off promise. Ha ha.
Yes, mom, it will be my e-mail address for my entire mission. Oh and I got my travel times. I leave next wed the 2nd at 4 in the morning and my flight leaves at 7ish so I'll be calling home about 5 ish to 6 ish if that's ok. Then I can call again in Georgia but that will be in the afternoon so I'd like to be able to talk to Dallin in the morning. I'll send more details when I can. Love ya'll....
Love, Preston

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