Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 26, 2009

Hey Everyone!Well week number 2 is down just one more to go! it has been so much fun. i love it here but still can't wait to get to alabama. its wednesday which means p-day!Yesterday we had our devotional and our speaker was Elder Scott from the quorum of the 12. it was so good. he was talking on having the spirit of the lord with you and he needed some people to stand up at the microphones that were placed in the middle of the room to answer some questions and read things and stuff so i stood up and there were about 10 other missonaries between the 2 mics and i got to answer one of his questions and it was really cool but what was even cooler was he eventually put down his notes and said you guys are doing wonderful tonight and skipped his lesson and told personal stories of how the spitit has protected him in his life. when we were talking about it in our district review brother Howard who is a counselor on the branch presidency said that he has never before heard answers like tonight. he said usually the apostle has to twist what the missonaries say to get the truth of the question across but tonight Elder Scott never had to. He said you guys as missonaries had the spirit about you and are going to make wonderful missionaries. IT WAS SO COOL.i'm almost out of time but then i was talking in the leadership meeting and my branch president is a son in law to Neil a Maxwell. it was just an awesom evening and Elder Scott put blessings on us and it was just amazin to hear him speak.I love you all i hope your doing well you are all in my Preayers and i love you very much. Good luck in Egypt! can't wait to hear about it. next time you get an e-mail from me i'll be in alabama!!! Love you all so much i'm doing great food is wonderful saw Jordon udall he left tuesday and others from rv. k really have to go now! bye

elder haws

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