Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Email Wednesday August 19

Hey everyone! this is Elder Haws! this is my e-mail first of all. io can only use it on wednesdays so don't excpect a letter every day :) k. next the MTC is way way fun. its the best. I have a fun district that work hard and still have fun while they do it! i was asked to be the district leader the night that i got here so i am in charge of 8 other Elders and have to answer thier questions and things like that. it was scary at first but now its not that companions name is Elder Harrison he is from Provo. He is going to my same misson and is pretty fun. we get along which is good. i have two other roommates Elder Kidman (from Shelly ID) and Elder Larson (from washington) they are good guys to. elder kidman is buff and into sports and is fun to be around. Elder Larson is engaged and is quiet and different but really has a strong testimony of the gospel and is a very very good guy. maybe close to my favorite. my classes are great and i have learned so much. its fun seeing the new missionaries that are coming in today and they look so little and intimidating but i was just there a week ago its crazy to think about. my teachers are a brother smith and a sister gibbson. brother smith served a mission in batton rouge louisianna and sister gibbson served in omaha nebraska. they are fun and know the gospel inside and out and back again. we are blessed to have them as teachers.well i think that is all for now. if you have any questions just e-mail me and i'll try to get back to you in the group e-mail but if everyone can give me your home addresses when you write back that way if i don't have enough time i can write you a letter. i'm only aloud half an hour. so that would be great to have everyones addresses to! thanks Everyone for your love and support! Love you ALLElder Haws

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