Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jeremiah 4: 19-20, 31

Well I've made it to sunday which is the day that all the missionaries here say is the day to make it to. They say if you last till sunday you'll last for 2 years. So I'm good. Haha.
I'm excited for today. I get to talk with the branch president again and hopefully learn more for sure.
My companion Elder Harrison is a great missionary. I can learn alot from him if I pay attention. I'm glad we're companions. My District 37D is such a good district. We bonded really fast and are great freinds. We focus hard in classes and we get the work done. There is very little complaining. I love it. Gym time is fun also. I have learned how to play 4 square and it's a way fun game. You guys should look up the rules and get Dallin to play it with friends sometime.
I get to go to the Oquirah Mt. temple dedication! I got interviewed and got my reccommend today. I'm pretty excitetd! I know I went to the Snowflake dedication but I don't really remember what happened and things like that so it will be great to be able todo it again as a missionary. I'm WAY excited. This is such a fun place. I'm glad they give us the time here to learn.
Our district walked up and around the Provo temple sunday. It was pretty up there. I can't wait to go through this temple. We met a family from Elder Udall's mission. It was cool. One guy was baptised and had a wife and kid and he's visiting his dad and mom. His dad wasn't wearing garments and I think he was baptised and waiting to go to the temple. But he said to our district and another district "Take a picture with me, it would be a great honor for me." So we did . It was a great feeling. I was angry I didn't have my camera with me. but it's ok.
How was the valley? How is the family? For familynight or just any ole time you guys should read Jeremiah 4:19-20; 31. When you do think of me eating the MTC food and what you read is how I feel after eating it. You may not understand but it's ok if you don't. No worries.
Well off to breakfast! Love you guys! Elder Haws

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