Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 4, 2011

Man I didn't even think that I still knew words that big!
Dear Family,
Conference was so good. It is always so nice to sit at the feet of Prophets and Apostles and hear the words of God being spoken to us. I love the fact that we have these blessings so readily available to us these days.
As far as what I learned and got out of it goes, there was quite a bit to be learned. I will just start by saying I need the entire help of the family on something. I've decided that if I am going to follow the words of the prophets I need to get married after my mission. and the way they were making it sound the sooner the better. So I need all of you to start looking and I need each of you to have your pick at the airport so that I can say hi get to know them and get started on following the prophet!
We had a really good week. Spencer and Gretta are here and we have been able to go out with Spencer twice already. He was willing to help us this week before he started work so we used him. Him and his family are going to be such a good addition here in the Northport ward. Spencer came out with us right before the priesthood session of conference and so he had to give us a ride home aswell. We were able to stop by and pick up some Ice cream to keep the family tradition going. It has been really neat to do missionary work with him.
We have a lot going right now. We have alot of investigatores that we feel are really good. All we have to do is continue to pray and seek the spirit to know what they need and how to help them feel what they need to feel so that they will become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
As I was watching Conference during the first session during the rest hymn I had a really cool experience. The camera was showing all the memberst that were in the conference center and we were all singing and standing. Well and the camera was scanning over everybody I was hit with goosebumps all over and then the spirt manifested the truthfulness of the chruch to my heart. All of a sudden I once again knew that the chruch was the same chruch that was organized by Jesus Christ himself. Then I knew that just about everyone that was in that conference center knew the same thing and that they were all there for the same reason.
I have been working on following the spirit more in my teaching so that those that we are teaching will really understand what they need to. I have realized if all I am trying to do is convince the person across the room from me that they chruch is true or the Book of Mormon is scripture than it isn't going to stick and they wont get it as easy if I allow the spirit to bear the testimony to them. All I have to do is get out of the way and let the spirit do the work.
I am doing really good though. We have transfers coming up in a week so we will see what happens. I will let you know in my next e-mail. Oh mom can you send me the recipe for frito pie? I have been craving it for the past few weeks. Also, How is that you were able to meet Jenna? Of all the people that you could have possible met there has to be a good story at how you ran into her!
I love you all! Hope you are all doing well. I know I am!
Love Elder Haws.

March 28, 2011

I am sorry that this is coming a little late today. We had a lot to do today and not very much time to do it in. We got our shopping done, and our haircut before noon. At noon a member came and piced us up to go to his house for lunch. We were there for quite a while playing football and eating and I got to chop a little bit of wood, which made me very excited. I miss doing that phyiscal labor stuff. I hope there is some wood ready for me when I get home dad. If not pln on getting some when I get back. We got permission while we were there from President to watch a tv show called coming home. It is on Life Time and is about the soilders that come home from the war. Well there was a soilder that was from Haileyville Al, which is right next to Hamilton Al, which was my first area, and he was killed in combat about 4 months ago. His brother lives in our ward and this show, Life time did a story about this soilder. It played last sunday. The soilders name was Mark Forster. It was a really good show I was glad that I was able to watch it. If you are able to find it some how I would suggest watching it. The whole show looked really good to. I think it comes on every sunday at 7.
The Bakers have landed in Tuscaloosa although I have not yet seen them. This last sunday I went to a branch in Demopolis because there is a spanish family there that have a bunch of other family that wants to be taught, so I went down with the branch president who lives here in Tuscaloosa, brother of earlier discussed soilder. So they were at church and talked with my companion but I wasn't there. This family in Demopolis used to live in Casa Grande and is super strong in the gospel. They have been to the Mesa temple and have wonderful kids. I hope that we will continue to be able to go down to Demopolis with the President of the Branch.
We still haven't been able to have anybody come to church but we are hoping that some will come to conference this weekend. We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders and are having one with the Assistants tommorrow. I love going on Exchanges because you are able to see a different way of how to teach and you can learn from your new temporary companion. We found a good family from Chiapas,they are going to be eally fought to teach thougt because they can't read in spanish very well. I love sharing the gospel with them though. I have learned though that you just have to keep in very simple. We will see how they go and progress.
Our recent convert just barely had to move to a new house because his uncle moved to Kentucky in persuits of an ex girlfriend to Luis moved cause he couldn't pay the rent. Just so happens that he moved into the house of one of our progressing investigatores!! how lucky is that!! I am hoping that this will help Geronimo (yes that is his real name) come to church and study the scriptures. Luis is one of those recent converts that just gets the gospel and how it works. So i am really excited to see how this works out.
MaryAnn I don't know why you never recieve my messages about your packages but yes I did get your tuperware with the treats and they were really good! I managed to make them last about 4 days is all.... my companions helped a little in the consumption process, so it wasn't just me.
That is a crazy story about the wreck that you and dad encountered mom. How did it all end up? Do you know?
I don't have much time, we have an appiontment that we have to get going to right now so I have to go teach but I will be back next week! I love you all! Thanks for all of your letters and updates on the families. All of the names of my future nieces and/or nephews sound great! I approve of all of them.
Love Elder Haws.

March 21, 2011

Dear Family,
Well things have been going pretty good as always! We have been able to find more people to teach and the area is really starting to pick up! We have been able to spend more time in our area which has helped us alot.
We started to have an English class here and it has been really fun! we have only had it twice and both times the only people that showed up were our members but it is good that they are coming because when our investigatores start coming they will know members right away that will be fellowshippers for them if they say that we can share our message with them! I love teaching english! I don't know why! I think it might have something to do with the fact that I am helping them do something that I know will give them a great benefit in the future. I think that is why I like to share the gospel so much aswell, because it gives people the same benefit. I just love seeing people happy and learning english definatley makes the hispanics happy.
The members here are so great. Bro. Martinez has been a memeber for about 5 years i think and he is the second counselor in the bishopric. It is great because he can't speak english at all but he is such a help for all the other hispanic members that come. He lives with two other members Ricardo who has been a member for about two years and is going to go to the temple this week for his endownments and Jose Luis who has been a memeber for a year at the end of this month. They are mostly willing to help us out when we need it. They are out little amigos! sometimes all 5 of us will pile into one of the cars and just go from house to house person to person sharing the gospel and all of them have very strong testimonies and aren't afraid to share it and tell the people this is the true church and you need to know that it is true.
We have a few people that are progressing as of right now. We had a pretty cool experience the other day with one of them. Their names are Jesus and Perla. They are a young couple and are trying to do what is right. I might have told you about them in my last letter but we went to see them with Bro. Martinez and Jose Luis. When we got to their house they told us that they found out his aunt has cancer in Mexico and they didn't have enough money for an operation and the insurance wasn't going to help pay for it and it was a huge mess and so they wanted to say a prayer for her. Well in the hispanic culture they always feel that they aren't worthy to pray and that our prayer because we are missionaries can go farther than theirs will. Well we knew that the best situation would be to have Jesus pray being the patriarch of the home and also since it was his aunt. We also knew that it would help his faith grow in the power of prayer. Well he did it! it was tough for him but he did it and of course it was a great prayer. When we went back yesterday we found out that right after we left they got a call from his mom in Mexico saying that the doctors decided to do the operation and the insurace said that they would pay for it! Now Jesus has a testimony of prayer and he knows that God is always listening to him! It was really cool!
As far as me goes I am doing really well! I am enjoying the great weather that we have been having and have been enjoying the opportunity to ride my bike!
I love you all and hope you all are doing well!
Love ya! Love Elder Haws.

March 14, 2011

Well It has been another exdciting week here in the mission field. It is crazy how much happens in just one week but it all is about the same. I dont know if that makes any sense at all but oh well. So we had two Elders that were serving here in our ward that had to get transfered to another area because the other area had two Visa waiting missionaries in it and they both got their Visa's and so the area was empty and needed to be filled. So President took the two English missionaries from our ward and moved them up there and told us to figure out how to cover the area. Well the other ward that meets in out building had 6 missionaries in it so to us the best diecision was to moved one of those companionships to our ward and have them take over the area. When we asked if we could do that we were told by the assistants that we couldn't so we started looking for other options. Well none of the other options were working out to well and so we decided that we were going to just buckle down and we were going to be English and Spanish Elders and we were going to just take over both areas and make it work. We decided this after much discussion and prayer. As soon as we made the decision the Assistants called us to find out what we had decided to do and they said "ya... we have been thinking about it and it doesn't make sense for one ward to have 6 missionaries and the other ward to have 2 so you can move whatever companionship you think is best to the North Port ward (my ward) It was frustrating just because we had spent so much time trying to figure out what would work and we ended up doing our original plan but I was able to learn something from the whole thing. I learned that it is so much better to start walking and Talking instead of just Talking or just Walking.
Not what does that mean I'll explain. Since I have moved here to Tuscaloosa we have done a lot of stuff but we haven't really gotten anything accomplished. We were just walking. Then with the whole area thing we were just talking. It wasn't until we walked with our descision that something actually happened. I realized that it is the same way with the Gospel. If all we do is talk about going to church and talk about reading the scriptures and talk about being modest and chaste and having good language and friends and going to seminary and instutute and obeying our parents.... if all we do is talk about it then it is never going to get done. We have to start walking. Now on the same side if all we do is walk and we don't talk about why we are doing it and how it makes sense and things like that then we are eventually going to go right past the goal and not accomplish in reality what we had set out to do. I have found out that it is the same with our investigatores, If they don't act on the things that they are doing then they aren't ever going to be able to reach the knowledge that this is the Lord Chruch and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.
As far as the area goes we are still trying to build it up. We are finding new people to teach we are just trying to help them progress and move forward. They are talking but they are having some problems finding thier shoes and putting them on! haha They will get there though. Eventually.
I love you all and hope to here from ya'll soon
Elder Haws

February 28, 2011

Dear Family,
Well it has been yet another really good week! We have been able to see a lot of success as we have worked hard and tried our best to help those that we are teaching. We had a good amount of things happen that are both good and bad. It has been fun to see people progress and find answers and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.
Since President Holzapfel arrived the mission has been making alot of changes, not only for our mission but they are changes that are taking place world wide. One of those changes has been that the investigatoes have to see why the things that we are teaching them are important and how it can grow their faith. For example Why do we teach people the Word of Wisdom. Will them knowing about the word of wisdom save them from Hell? It is a tricky question. The thing that will save them is knowing that joseph smith was a prophet and that the Lord restored his chruch. It is pretty hard to do sometimes but I have been able to see the difference in teaching people this new way. I used to try to tell people we don't drink coffee because its bad for us. I was trying to convince them that it was for worldly reason that we lived the Word of Wisdom but when it comes down to it. We live the Word of Wilsdom becuase God told us to and when we don't do it we are sinning by being disobedient. As I have been able to help our investigatores see that then they have the opportunity to test their faith and grow from living these different principles.
Like I said last week. This is Transfer week and today was the day that we got our call. As it turns out I am leaving. I won't know untill Wednesday who my new campanion is along with my new area so I will let you all know next week. We almost didn't find out about transfers this morning. When the assistants tried to call us the phone didn't work and we never recieved their call so everyone knew what was going on but us. We didn't find out until about 2:30 so now we will have to pack really fast. Also the Spanish missionaries will no longer be living with the Jacksons. They are going to be putting the English Elders back in with the Jacksons so we have to pack all of our stuff and go move into another house owned by a member where the new Elder and Elder Abac will be living with the Zone Leaders. Lots of packing is going to be happening the next couple of days!
The Ascencios came to chruch this last Week and enjoyed it but they also have a lot of questions for us they said, so we will be going over on tuesday to answer their questions!
Also we have a Less Active member that we found and he has been coming to church and he has been coming with roommates and we have been able to teach them! IT has been great! I am super excited for all of these people. I hope that they will be able to see the truths of the message and let it change their hearts and bless their lives.
It is time to sign off though! I love all of you and I hope that All is good. I am glad that Tyson was able to get a job! It is good to know that the Lord is looking out for us.
I love you all!
Con Amor,
Elder Haws.

February 22, 2011

Family of mine that I love so very MUCH!!
I just want to say really fast to everyone that reads this. I have the best family in the world. I love my family.
This week has been really good. We are working with 3 different families right now and they are all progressing. Also we have reactivatied a member and are teaching his roommates and they are coming to church and reading and they have quit drinking. It great!
The weather is so crazy right now. It is febuary and we have been in the 80s several times this past week. I am dying! get me out of the Heat!! I can't wait to see snow or to be cold, but not the kind of cold that they have here. Here you can't get warm when you are cold it is so weird. Everything is green right now and is very beautiful. Elder Abac and I are trying to get our bikes in order so that we will be able to ride them now that the weather is nice. We have been finding a lot of things that like to poke our tires. That is the life a missionary at its best right?
We have a lot of work going on as a mentioned earlier. The Lopez, Gaspar, and Ascencio families are all doing really good. The Ascencios are from Guatemala and are a member referral, that is how we contacted them. They are really smart and sophisticated which is different from most of our investigatores. We had a lesson with them on Tuesday of last week and I felt like an idiot the whole time because they knew things that normally our investigatores don't know. Then to surprise me even further brother Ascencio taught us 3 kingdoms of glory and told us how true that doctrine was. It was great! They are a great family that want to raise thier kids in the right way with standards and good morals. I am excited to teach them.
We had a good valentines day. We didn't do anything special but it was still fun. The Jaksons (members that we live with) gave us a little box of chocolates which was really nice of them. Thank you for the letters and cards that I receieved from several of you that will read this.
Hope you all have a great week. Transfers are next week so I will let you know what I know on monday if I know anything. They are going to be on Wednesday so we will see. I really want to stay because of all that is happening but I thinkg I am going to leave. I hope not though.
I Love you all.
Love Elder Haws.

February 14, 2011

Dear Family!
Well it is me again! Things have been going really really good here. It is so so sooo much fun to see the work of the gospel go forward in so many different ways and to see miracles and watch the Lord as he helps you bring to pass his work. Something that is a little different for us being Spanish missionaries in an American Country is that we cant just go tracting wherever we want to in the city. We can't just talk to everyperson on the street. Don't get me wrong we can we just won't be doing to much spanish work. So one thing that we did the other day that I had never done before was we looked at a map of Montgomery and we picked an area in the city that we had never been before. After we had the area chosen a few days latter we went there to do what we call House finding". Basically we ride up and down the area on our bicycles and we look at the houses for clues that would let us know if they are hispanic. Such clues include a mop outside the door, Dish 500 with to bulbes meaning they are recieving two languages, christmas lights, lots of trash,... ect. Well we went to this area and we rode around for about and hour and a half and we found 5 or 6 house that were hispanic. Then at the same time Elder Abac and I both felt as if there was no more houses in that area and that we needed to move on with our plans. It was really neat to see that we prayed over an area, we were guided to the houses that we needed to find and then we were told to move on so that we didn't waste time. It was just a little tender mercy of the Lord for the week that I thought I would share with you.
We had a pretty eventful Sunday! We are currently working with a lot of families which is great! We have this one house specifically that has two brothers and thier families that live there. All together with both thier kids and wives they make 14. Well they were all going to come to church on sunday but on Saturday night they called us and said that the husbands got called into work so thier wives Juana and Petrona asked if we could find get them a ride so they could come to church. We said yes of course but since it was so late notice we just asked the members that we live with if they could give Juana and Petrona a ride. They said they could and all was good.
Sunday morning we got up went to go pick them up in the Jacksons car, a buick that seats 6 at the most, and when we arrive out comes the 9 children the Juana and Petrona and thier Father-in-Law Alanzo. Woops I forgot about the children. Somehow though we managed to fit all of them in their little buick. There was 14 people in that car! It was crazy! They had a good time though. Hopefully the next week their husbands will come and they will be able to drive themselves. The reason they couldn't drive themselves yesterday is because the women don't know how to drive and are scared to learn.
We also had another family that we are working with come to church! Their names are Carlos and Emilia Lopez. They are a great family with 2 daughters ages 5 and 3. We have been working with them for about 3 weeks now and they are really progressing. We had an activity at the church this past friday and Emilia came with her two daughters because Carlos was working. Then they came to church and the members have done great and fellowshipping with them. It has been great to see them progress.
Just so you can have a little taste of the Montgomery Library there is a sign that says, "Do not print unless you have money on your library card or you have deposited monies into your computer number." Monies.... yup thats what I was thinking.
That is about all I have for now though! Hope all is well! I am doing great! Health is superb no need to worry. Work is awesome sorry to make ya'll jealous but I have the best job possible :) Love ya hope to hear from you soon. I love the letters!
Love Elder Haws.

February 7, 2011

Dear Family!
We were definatley blessed by the Lord this week! We had a lot that we were able to accomplish and that we were able to learn and that I was able to think about.
We had a Zone Conference on Saturday and we were grately edified. We were able to have two of the head brothers of the church for missionary prosyliting come and tour our mission. They taught us alot to help us focus on our inviestigatores to help them increase thier faith, repent, their desire to make the covenant of baptism and to recieve the Holy Ghost. I really feel that as we can focus more on our investigatores in these 4 areas they will learn the importace of the principles of the gospel and will be able to gain more faith in Jesus Christ which is going to help them so much.
Sunday was a really good day as well. We were able to have 5 investigatores at church which was really neat, but the neat thing was that they were all investigatores that we have been working with that really needed to come. This was also the first sunday in a while that we as missionaries haven't needed to be apart of the program. The sacrament was blessed by our recent converts, passed as well. We had a really good Testimony meeting due to the fact that most of our members went to the temple and had really good experiences. It is so so so neat to see the growth of one of the Recent Converts here. He is just trying so hard to change his life and to do what is right. I feel so happy for the missionaries that knocked on his door and have changed his life. I wish that they could be here watching his growth in the church, in the gospel and in his knowledge. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about change. That is why we have to endure to the end. We will never be ready to meet our God at the last day. Never will we be ready, but luckily for us Jesus Christ gives us that hope. If it wasn't for Jesus Christ why would we need faith??? think about it. Why would we need to repent if Jesus Christ never did the atonement. Why would we need to be baptized? What would the Holy Ghost have to testify of if we didn't have the atonement? We need to atonement in our lives and we can only use the atonement if we are willing to change. That is one of the things that I learned this week and that I have been able to see in the lives of the New Members here.
We are working with a family right now named the Estradas. They are a great family! They came to church on Sunday. Jose, Maveli and thier daughters Wendy, Maria and Ashley. They know so much but they are struggling with knowing why they have to come to our chruch and they can't go to the Baptist chruch where Jose works because if he stops going to that church he will lose his job. It is really tough. They came to chruch though and so they are excersizing thier faith. They definatley know and have the love of Christ. Every time we go over to their house they ask us " have you eaten?" if we say know they feed us. If we say yes they ask us about 6 other times "your not lying are you? your sure? positive you have eaten?" I was loosing weight but I fear that it is going to be back in a couple of weeks.
We also were refered to a member of the church from the other enlgish missionaries that they found while tracting. His name is Magdaleno and he lives with 2 other roommates. They are all struggling with things but Magdaleno really wants to come back to church and to change his life so that he can be a good example to his family in Mexico who are also members. His roommates aswell want to change and want to be saved at the last day. They keep telling us "we don't want to be cast off when that day comes." They came to chruch this sunday as well. We had a good group and it was a good day to do it. The testimonies were all great and lessons were good.
I am doing good along with my companion. We have a little cold but nothing to serious. He is helping me so much with my spanish. We speak it alot more and he can correct me when I am wrong.
Thanks for all that you do for me. I apprecaite all the letters and the prayers
YAY for the selling of the book store. I will have a party on the 19th but i agree it is going to be sad not having it anymore.
I have to go but I love you all!
Love Elder Haws.

January 31, 2011

Dear Family and all others who will be reading this,
This has been one of the most uplifting weeks on my mission. I have had so many experiences that have let me know that what I am doing is definatley the right thing. I recieved a letter from a girl that was baptized right before I was transfered into the area. She has sinced moved out to Orem and is going to school there. She informed me of her life and her thoughts and it turns out that she is getting ready to go to the temple in less than 5 months and then is planning on serving a mission. Here is a girl that before she found the gospel of Jesus Christ was doing things that are definatley not good and now you can't even tell when you look at her. She is so happy and her countenance is completly different.
Also our Mission President has set up a day with the Temple in Birmingham once a month that is set apart just for New Members to come and do Baptisms in the Temple. He said there is a 1000% increase on retension if we can get New Members to the temple within 60 days of thier baptism. Our first day was on the 28th of Jan. and we were able to have 5 of our New Members go. One of which was addicted to Alcohol and drugs. But 3 days ago he went to the Temple and he shared with us in chruch the feelings that he had while he was there. He said" I was full of good energy, I was full of the spirit." He said before I was in the temple I felt empty and as soon as I walked in I got hot and I got chills and I felt so good in my whole body" It brought tears to my eyes hearing the testimony of this brother who still has so many problems in his life. He has been out of a job for 3 months he has no food for his son he has to drive a car with bad stickers to try to find work. He has family in Mexico he hasn't seen for 15 years just so many things that he knows the lord is going to take care of him if he does what is right.
I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that as we live the doctrines of Jesus Christ and not the Doctrines of man, that God will help us in all things that we need. I know that it is so easy to justify the things that we want to do and to have so that we will feel good but I have a testimony that only by realizing our faults and taking them to the Lord we can be truly happy and this brother and sister are truly happy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We had a conference with Elder Cornish of the 70 at the mission house on Saturday. We were able to learn alot about how to study the language of spanish and also how we can help our investigatores leave the spanish culture and live the culture of Christ. It was really good. Elder Cornish is so amazing. He served his mission in Guatemala and served as a mission president in Cuba. The hispanics have a thing that they do when they are excited, I know that Tyson knows what it is, They slap there index finger against the rest of there hand. When Elder Cornish (of the seventy i'll remind you) heard that Elder Abac was from guatemala he started slaping his finger against his hand and shouted "Hijole" It was so great to see the emotion on all of our faces! It was great fun.
Thanks mom for the pictures. I was able to find out alot of the changes that have taked place since I have been gone. For instance there are two missing trees in the front yard. the one that was right next to the house and the one that was right where we park. I also had no idea that you got a new fireplace. It looks good. It is alot smaller though? does it do better at heating the house? Dallins truck looks nice. Was he able to pay for all of it from the insurance money? I also want to say thanks to Aunt Dorie for the package! It was greatly appreciated! many very good snacks were involved! Thanks again.
Well it is time to go! I love all of you and I appreciate your prayers and your letters.
Love Elder Haws.

January 24, 2011

Well I have a new companion as you all probably already know! I am super excited! I'm really going to miss Elder Klabacka but my new companion is going to help me out so much more! His name is Elder Abac. He is from..... Drumroll please...... Quatemala! I LOVE QUATEMALA. If there is any place I want to visit that speaks spanish it would be Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador because I think the people there are all really nice.
It has already been a huge help to be serving with someone that is a native to south america because there are a lot of people here that are from guatemala and he is able to relate to them and talk about his family and where they live and things like that. He speaks good English but is still learning and so we speak spanish all the time when we are proselyting which is hard to do when you are serving with americans because they speak in English to you so you speak back but now it is all spanish! I love it!
Elder Abac was just barely serving in Huntsville where I first started as a spanish elder. He has informed and updated me on everyone. I guess that they now are an actual spanish branch and his last sunday there they had 62 people at sacremant meeting! a new record high! 16 of which were investigatores! Talk about the growth of the church! As I was looking through his pictures I had a really really good experince.
He had pictures of when they went to the temple with several of the members to do Baptisms for the dead. He was there with members that had been baptized for not quite a year and also Consuelo. She was a recent convert that moved in from Tennesee. The thing that really made me happy was I saw Lourdes there as well. She was the lady that Elder Mancera and I taught and baptized. The amount of joy that came into my body was uncontrollable I started shouting and acting like a crazy man. Elder Abac had no idea what to do. He was probably thinking "great another crazy american" haha. I was just so happy to see that she was happy and attending the temple and doing the things that are going to bring her so much joy!
Here in Montgomery all of our recent converts and members are going to be going to the temple to do baptisms aswell this friday! There is a man and his son, Jose Manuel and Jose Manuel Jr. who are going to be going together. They have been members since October and have changed so much since I have been here. Jose Manuel was addicted to Beer and other things and now is just a completly different man,and father. His son looks up to him so much now and he Jose Manuel is so much more happy and his countenace is just so amazingly bright! I love the gospel and what is does for people! I love that as we change we become better. It has not been easy for Jose Manuel to change his life to live the way that God wants him to. It has been really hard, but he has done it with faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement.
I just want to let all of you know that I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. I know that we are loved so so much by our Father and that He wants us to do want is right so much so that He is constantly thinking of how he can help us. When we make the decision to do what is right I have no doubt that he will help us.
I love you all so so much. I love to hear from you and I hope to hear from you next week!
Love Elder Haws.

Transfers (Jan 18, 2011)

Well this was transfers week! It is crazy to think that I have been serving with Elder Klabacka now for 3 months. It was a really fast 2 transfers. As far as transfers go. I am going to be staying here and receiving a new companion. Elder Klabacka will be going somewhere else. They do transfers a little different now and we don't get to find out who our new companions are or if we are getting transfered where we are going until the day of...so I will let you know who my new companion is on Monday! The reason that we weren't able to E-mail yesterday was because of Martin Luther King day, Which was really cool to be able to celebrate while living in the actual town where all of that started. It is so wierd for me to think that Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King all lived in this town of Montgomery. It was really neat.
We had a pretty good week as far as the work is concerned. I was supposed to sing in our sacremant meeting but they ended up skipping it which was alright with me. I'll just have to do it another time. Our Bishop gave a really good thought on his mission for the last 15 minutes or so on the joy of sharing the gospel. So what we did for our sunday school class (because we are the teacher) is we talked about how we can share the joy of the gospel because half of our members are recent converts and just don't feel like they know enough to help out. It was really good right after we had two members come and tell us of two people that we have been trying to work with but haven't been able to because they don't have rides and the members haven't been helping us drive them to church and stuff like that, Now though they peomised us they would be there every week with our investigatores. It was a really good lesson.
We are working with this really good guy named Octavio. He is super humble and is way nice. We gave him a calender with a bunch of little scriptures that he can read every day and he has been reading them! It is great! He is gaining a testimony we feel of the Book of Mormon and knows that it isn't another form of the Bible. Not many people catch that. However he left town for 9 days so we are a little nervous. We are hoping he will still read and do what is right.
Things are going really good! I'm healthy, I'm happy, and I am getting into shape. The other day we rode our bikes 30 miles. BOY it felt good.
I love you all and hope you are all doing good and are staying safe and loving the time that you get to spend with one another! Enjoy what you have while you have it and make it a great day!
Love Elder Haws!