Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March 14, 2011

Well It has been another exdciting week here in the mission field. It is crazy how much happens in just one week but it all is about the same. I dont know if that makes any sense at all but oh well. So we had two Elders that were serving here in our ward that had to get transfered to another area because the other area had two Visa waiting missionaries in it and they both got their Visa's and so the area was empty and needed to be filled. So President took the two English missionaries from our ward and moved them up there and told us to figure out how to cover the area. Well the other ward that meets in out building had 6 missionaries in it so to us the best diecision was to moved one of those companionships to our ward and have them take over the area. When we asked if we could do that we were told by the assistants that we couldn't so we started looking for other options. Well none of the other options were working out to well and so we decided that we were going to just buckle down and we were going to be English and Spanish Elders and we were going to just take over both areas and make it work. We decided this after much discussion and prayer. As soon as we made the decision the Assistants called us to find out what we had decided to do and they said "ya... we have been thinking about it and it doesn't make sense for one ward to have 6 missionaries and the other ward to have 2 so you can move whatever companionship you think is best to the North Port ward (my ward) It was frustrating just because we had spent so much time trying to figure out what would work and we ended up doing our original plan but I was able to learn something from the whole thing. I learned that it is so much better to start walking and Talking instead of just Talking or just Walking.
Not what does that mean I'll explain. Since I have moved here to Tuscaloosa we have done a lot of stuff but we haven't really gotten anything accomplished. We were just walking. Then with the whole area thing we were just talking. It wasn't until we walked with our descision that something actually happened. I realized that it is the same way with the Gospel. If all we do is talk about going to church and talk about reading the scriptures and talk about being modest and chaste and having good language and friends and going to seminary and instutute and obeying our parents.... if all we do is talk about it then it is never going to get done. We have to start walking. Now on the same side if all we do is walk and we don't talk about why we are doing it and how it makes sense and things like that then we are eventually going to go right past the goal and not accomplish in reality what we had set out to do. I have found out that it is the same with our investigatores, If they don't act on the things that they are doing then they aren't ever going to be able to reach the knowledge that this is the Lord Chruch and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.
As far as the area goes we are still trying to build it up. We are finding new people to teach we are just trying to help them progress and move forward. They are talking but they are having some problems finding thier shoes and putting them on! haha They will get there though. Eventually.
I love you all and hope to here from ya'll soon
Elder Haws

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