Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 4, 2011

Man I didn't even think that I still knew words that big!
Dear Family,
Conference was so good. It is always so nice to sit at the feet of Prophets and Apostles and hear the words of God being spoken to us. I love the fact that we have these blessings so readily available to us these days.
As far as what I learned and got out of it goes, there was quite a bit to be learned. I will just start by saying I need the entire help of the family on something. I've decided that if I am going to follow the words of the prophets I need to get married after my mission. and the way they were making it sound the sooner the better. So I need all of you to start looking and I need each of you to have your pick at the airport so that I can say hi get to know them and get started on following the prophet!
We had a really good week. Spencer and Gretta are here and we have been able to go out with Spencer twice already. He was willing to help us this week before he started work so we used him. Him and his family are going to be such a good addition here in the Northport ward. Spencer came out with us right before the priesthood session of conference and so he had to give us a ride home aswell. We were able to stop by and pick up some Ice cream to keep the family tradition going. It has been really neat to do missionary work with him.
We have a lot going right now. We have alot of investigatores that we feel are really good. All we have to do is continue to pray and seek the spirit to know what they need and how to help them feel what they need to feel so that they will become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
As I was watching Conference during the first session during the rest hymn I had a really cool experience. The camera was showing all the memberst that were in the conference center and we were all singing and standing. Well and the camera was scanning over everybody I was hit with goosebumps all over and then the spirt manifested the truthfulness of the chruch to my heart. All of a sudden I once again knew that the chruch was the same chruch that was organized by Jesus Christ himself. Then I knew that just about everyone that was in that conference center knew the same thing and that they were all there for the same reason.
I have been working on following the spirit more in my teaching so that those that we are teaching will really understand what they need to. I have realized if all I am trying to do is convince the person across the room from me that they chruch is true or the Book of Mormon is scripture than it isn't going to stick and they wont get it as easy if I allow the spirit to bear the testimony to them. All I have to do is get out of the way and let the spirit do the work.
I am doing really good though. We have transfers coming up in a week so we will see what happens. I will let you know in my next e-mail. Oh mom can you send me the recipe for frito pie? I have been craving it for the past few weeks. Also, How is that you were able to meet Jenna? Of all the people that you could have possible met there has to be a good story at how you ran into her!
I love you all! Hope you are all doing well. I know I am!
Love Elder Haws.

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  1. "I need all of you to start looking and I need each of you to have your pick at the airport so that I can say hi get to know them and get started on following the prophet!"
    This is probably my favorite thing ever! I laughed so hard when i first read it!