Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March 28, 2011

I am sorry that this is coming a little late today. We had a lot to do today and not very much time to do it in. We got our shopping done, and our haircut before noon. At noon a member came and piced us up to go to his house for lunch. We were there for quite a while playing football and eating and I got to chop a little bit of wood, which made me very excited. I miss doing that phyiscal labor stuff. I hope there is some wood ready for me when I get home dad. If not pln on getting some when I get back. We got permission while we were there from President to watch a tv show called coming home. It is on Life Time and is about the soilders that come home from the war. Well there was a soilder that was from Haileyville Al, which is right next to Hamilton Al, which was my first area, and he was killed in combat about 4 months ago. His brother lives in our ward and this show, Life time did a story about this soilder. It played last sunday. The soilders name was Mark Forster. It was a really good show I was glad that I was able to watch it. If you are able to find it some how I would suggest watching it. The whole show looked really good to. I think it comes on every sunday at 7.
The Bakers have landed in Tuscaloosa although I have not yet seen them. This last sunday I went to a branch in Demopolis because there is a spanish family there that have a bunch of other family that wants to be taught, so I went down with the branch president who lives here in Tuscaloosa, brother of earlier discussed soilder. So they were at church and talked with my companion but I wasn't there. This family in Demopolis used to live in Casa Grande and is super strong in the gospel. They have been to the Mesa temple and have wonderful kids. I hope that we will continue to be able to go down to Demopolis with the President of the Branch.
We still haven't been able to have anybody come to church but we are hoping that some will come to conference this weekend. We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders and are having one with the Assistants tommorrow. I love going on Exchanges because you are able to see a different way of how to teach and you can learn from your new temporary companion. We found a good family from Chiapas,they are going to be eally fought to teach thougt because they can't read in spanish very well. I love sharing the gospel with them though. I have learned though that you just have to keep in very simple. We will see how they go and progress.
Our recent convert just barely had to move to a new house because his uncle moved to Kentucky in persuits of an ex girlfriend to Luis moved cause he couldn't pay the rent. Just so happens that he moved into the house of one of our progressing investigatores!! how lucky is that!! I am hoping that this will help Geronimo (yes that is his real name) come to church and study the scriptures. Luis is one of those recent converts that just gets the gospel and how it works. So i am really excited to see how this works out.
MaryAnn I don't know why you never recieve my messages about your packages but yes I did get your tuperware with the treats and they were really good! I managed to make them last about 4 days is all.... my companions helped a little in the consumption process, so it wasn't just me.
That is a crazy story about the wreck that you and dad encountered mom. How did it all end up? Do you know?
I don't have much time, we have an appiontment that we have to get going to right now so I have to go teach but I will be back next week! I love you all! Thanks for all of your letters and updates on the families. All of the names of my future nieces and/or nephews sound great! I approve of all of them.
Love Elder Haws.

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