Tuesday, April 5, 2011

February 14, 2011

Dear Family!
Well it is me again! Things have been going really really good here. It is so so sooo much fun to see the work of the gospel go forward in so many different ways and to see miracles and watch the Lord as he helps you bring to pass his work. Something that is a little different for us being Spanish missionaries in an American Country is that we cant just go tracting wherever we want to in the city. We can't just talk to everyperson on the street. Don't get me wrong we can we just won't be doing to much spanish work. So one thing that we did the other day that I had never done before was we looked at a map of Montgomery and we picked an area in the city that we had never been before. After we had the area chosen a few days latter we went there to do what we call House finding". Basically we ride up and down the area on our bicycles and we look at the houses for clues that would let us know if they are hispanic. Such clues include a mop outside the door, Dish 500 with to bulbes meaning they are recieving two languages, christmas lights, lots of trash,... ect. Well we went to this area and we rode around for about and hour and a half and we found 5 or 6 house that were hispanic. Then at the same time Elder Abac and I both felt as if there was no more houses in that area and that we needed to move on with our plans. It was really neat to see that we prayed over an area, we were guided to the houses that we needed to find and then we were told to move on so that we didn't waste time. It was just a little tender mercy of the Lord for the week that I thought I would share with you.
We had a pretty eventful Sunday! We are currently working with a lot of families which is great! We have this one house specifically that has two brothers and thier families that live there. All together with both thier kids and wives they make 14. Well they were all going to come to church on sunday but on Saturday night they called us and said that the husbands got called into work so thier wives Juana and Petrona asked if we could find get them a ride so they could come to church. We said yes of course but since it was so late notice we just asked the members that we live with if they could give Juana and Petrona a ride. They said they could and all was good.
Sunday morning we got up went to go pick them up in the Jacksons car, a buick that seats 6 at the most, and when we arrive out comes the 9 children the Juana and Petrona and thier Father-in-Law Alanzo. Woops I forgot about the children. Somehow though we managed to fit all of them in their little buick. There was 14 people in that car! It was crazy! They had a good time though. Hopefully the next week their husbands will come and they will be able to drive themselves. The reason they couldn't drive themselves yesterday is because the women don't know how to drive and are scared to learn.
We also had another family that we are working with come to church! Their names are Carlos and Emilia Lopez. They are a great family with 2 daughters ages 5 and 3. We have been working with them for about 3 weeks now and they are really progressing. We had an activity at the church this past friday and Emilia came with her two daughters because Carlos was working. Then they came to church and the members have done great and fellowshipping with them. It has been great to see them progress.
Just so you can have a little taste of the Montgomery Library there is a sign that says, "Do not print unless you have money on your library card or you have deposited monies into your computer number." Monies.... yup thats what I was thinking.
That is about all I have for now though! Hope all is well! I am doing great! Health is superb no need to worry. Work is awesome sorry to make ya'll jealous but I have the best job possible :) Love ya hope to hear from you soon. I love the letters!
Love Elder Haws.

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