Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another GREAT week! (Nov. 18)

Well it has once again been another great week! i decided to write the main letter first since its been cut short the last couple of times due to running out of time.
It seems like everyone has been wondering 2 main things lately. First i don't know how the family back in Hamilton is doing. I haven't written Elder Kelley a letter but last i heard when i was able to call him about 4 weeks ago is that they really liked church alot and they were going to be going back. The mom said that she thought some of the members were a little weird but thats ok. One quick lesson on charity can fix that. haha As for Big C. Yes he did come to church!!!!! woohoo and he loved it. He really enjoyed it and is planning on coming back. The Zone Leaders went and saw him when they were here on their team up and were really pushing baptism and he told them that he was a baptist and he was going to stay a baptist, but he came to church and really liked it. You just have to take things pretty slow with him and they tried to force it on him. So it kind of made him back off a little but its all going to be good. They sad part is that he just sits in his house all day and doesn't look forward to anything. so if we can change that and get him out more i think it will help him alot.
Then there is Pam. Her whole family got forced into baptism and they weren't ready for it. They just got baptized to get the missionaries off of their backs, but Pam never did. She was smoking a pack a day and Before i got here Elder Robison had got her down to 1 to 2 a day. So we were working with her and she told us from the beggining don't push me i know when i'm ready and thats when i'll quit. When i'm ready. Then 2 and a half weeks ago she quit smoking!!!!! but wasn't ready for baptism she had a really soft date mainly for her to be done smoking and a zone Leader came in and threw down on her and now we haven't seen the family since. Well we saw them once in the last week. So we are trying to fix that.
Yes we got rained on. Lots of it and we happened to pick that day to be our tracting day! :) It was fun though. We didn't find anyone but when we were following up in one of the areas that we had tracted we contacted a family that lisened to the missionaries about 3 or 4 years ago. So we taught them and they were way into it. We had lots of fun and they were way into it and they knew alot already. The mom remembered a lot from the past missionaries but the kids don't remember them to much. They are the Smiths. one mom and 3 girls. 15 12 and 9 are their ages.
I don't think i have told you guys about sister moore yet so i am going to take the opportunity right now. sister Moore is an old member of the branch that really loves the missionaries but she is a little bit different then your normal member that loves the missionaries. We go and help her pick up pecans from the pecan tree in her front yard about twice a week and she tells us everytime that you can't buy love and that we shouldn't ever waste our money on a girl that says she loves us without her showin us she loves us. Then the first question she asks every new missionary is "Would you every marry a black girl" and she is always telling us she has a couple of black girls that want to meet us and she is going to lock us in a room with them. We don't have to do anything just talk to them and maybe hold their hands or something haha but she never brings them over. She knows we'll get into trouble and so she doesn't. she is way way sweet though. I really want you guys to meet her. She would be the only reason i bring you to Tuskegee.
We are going to be eating thanks giving dinner with the Oryang family. Pride Oryang is leaving on the 2nd of dec to go to L.A. on his mission and Kiendrick just got his call to New York New York North. That was pretty exciting. HE was baptised 2 years ago. He is the only member of his family also. ITs way cool.
Mom can you tell Elly that that it is way cool she is going to state and i tell her good job i hope she does well and that i really liked the picture of her holding the black and white daisy thanks.
Well it is still really nice weather here. Its weird i should be wearing a coat but i'm still in my short sleeves. haha everyone else here thinks it is cold. I gave a talk on the atonement on sunday it was really good. We also had a recent convert give a talk. Elder Robison and I helped her write and she gave it. it was really good.
Thats about all though for this week. Thanks for all the updates from every one it was good to hear from you!. Can't wait till next week! Love you all Elder Haws.

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