Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guess What I Ate?! (Nov 25)

Yup i ate some pig intestines!!! Yummy! hahaha they weren't too bad actually, so long as you didn't think about what you were eating. They were different than what I thought they would be but they weren't bad. We had a member cook them for us and she knew what she was doing. Families actually eat chittlans for thanksgiving instead of Turkeys. Why? I'll never know things are going good here though. We had transfers yesterday. I'm still here in Tuskegee. Elder Robison is gone though. My new companion is Elder Myrvang. He is from the very top part of Idaho. A small town i forgot i'll tell you in the next e-mail cuz he's not right next to me right now. I can still see him though and i could talk to him but we are in a library, so i'm still obeying the rules:) Just so everybody knows any packages that you want to send me for christmas need to be sent to my actuall address which is 701 B. N. Main St apartment 7 Tuskegee, Al 36083 so just so you know otherwise i won't get it for awhile afterwards.
We are doing great here. It seems like just when the work is going no where and we are going to stop seeing someone they let us in! It's really cool but strange. I'm excited to be with Elder Myrvang. He has been out the same amount as Elder Kelley. He is a year older than i am which means he has been out for a year longer. He knows a lot and isn't afraid to step on peoples toes. He doesn't stomp on their foot which is good. I think that him and i are going to have a lot of good things happen here! i'm really excited.
Saturday we had a big bbq at the church. We dug a huge pit about 3 feet deep and 2 feet long and 6 feet wide. then we killed a pig and skinned it and pit roasted it then pulled all the meat off after it cooked for about 15 hours and then had a big bbq at the church. it was really fun. It was sad though cuz none of the boys knew how to use an axe to chop the wood or a shovel to dig the pit. Elder Robison and i basically did everything but it was really good for the boys cuz now they know what its like and we were able to teach them how to use them and stuff! It was really fun Big C came to both the bbq and church. He really enjoyed both of them. I'm way excited for him. he keeps learning and progressin alot. We have a lot of potential right now.
but i'm doing good and i love all of you guys a whole lot. i can't wait to talk to you on christmas. oh alabama plays Auburn tommorrow if any of you are interested in watching it. Its bigger than christmas down here. not even joking.
well thats about all i think i love you guys.
Elder Haws
P.S. i'm still trying to get Trishas address so if someone can send that to me or just have her write me i'd really like to hear from her. thanks. you guys are wonderful.

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