Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 28, 2009 (Sorry it took so long to get this posted)

Well hello everyone.
Something really cool happened this morning as i was reading my e-mails. We usually do that at about 10 am our time and right in the middle i got a letter from mom which means she was on the same time i was! It was neat.
Anyway. Things are cooking down here in Tuskgegee. We have around 7 people that really are looking good for baptism this transfer and 3 more that could but it will be hard for them to which makes a grand total of 10 people. I would be so so so happy if that happened. It sure would be a great blessing to Tuskgegee.
There is a guy that we call Big C. His real name is Clerance. He reminds me a lot of Big John. He is in an electric wheel chair because his foot started to regrow itself in a different form. Its weird. (Dad do you think you might be able to ask uncle willis about it. Thats all i know about it though sorry i cant tell more details) He was eating South meat when Elder Robison found him. Elder Robison was seeing another investigator who was with Big C. Big C told them that it wasn't healthy for him and so Elder Robison and Seamons asked him to quit. They didn't really ask him though. They were seeing Calloway who has been meeting with missionaries for 2 years he just won't quit smoking he comes to church every week and every thing he just won't quit. So what they did was asked big C if he would quit eating south meat if Calloway quit smoking. Remember this was Big C's first time meeting missionaries. He said sure and hasn't had any since. Then we were talkin about that a couple of days ago with Big C and we talked about the word of wisdom. We showed him where it was in the Doctrine and Covenants but that was all. The next day he told us he thought of having a cup of coffee but didn't cuz it wasn't good for you! We didn't even ask him not to it was so cool. He is currently reading and praying about the book of mormon.
Then we are workin with a family. 4 daughters and a mom. The daughters all want to get baptized but the mom won't let them yet. We are going to get her though and then she is going to get baptized also, she just doesn't know it yet. :) We met a guy that was going to get baptized he just needed one more week and he was getting baptized then he got blamed for beating up a white girl and stealing from her. What happened though was he gave the person a ride. He didn't know the guy he was just being nice and gave him a ride so he got the blame cuz they got his plate number. He was put on probation for 3 years and that is up on december 7th so he will get baptized the 13th! There are alot of people that are ready its just that nobody keeps commitments here, so its really tough to get them to church and they don't have cars so thats a challenge too. Its a good experience though.
Everyone thinks that we have a lot of money too. Even the members think that. They don't realize that we live off our own savings or from what our parents are paying. People are always asking for money its sad cuz you want to help them but you can't or they will keep asking you for more and more and more.
Elder Robison is a good guy. He is mono tone though. I have to really focus on the things that he is saying when he talks cuz i have a hard time focusing. It doesnt seem to affect the people that we teach though which is really nice.
There is no such thing as a real family here. There are a lot of single girls with 1 to 5 kids that are usually all from a different dad. its really sad. They do it so that they can get a check from the government i think. They just really need the gospel and they need to live it also. The temple president came and spoke on sunday about being active in the gospel not active in the church. What he meant was do you do what your supposed to be doing all the time or do you just come to church every sunday and thats it? He gave stories and examples of being active in the gospel. It was really neat. It made me think of if everyone was active in the gospel at all times then the missionaries would be so busy that we wouldn't have time for lunch or tracting. That would just be the best thing ever!!!
I'm doing Great though and i am loving the work. There is a member here, her name is sister moore. she is over 75 i know that much but she is alwas checking on us and tells us she has girls that she wants us to meet. Its really funny i guess she tells every missionary that. She also asks every missionary if they would ever marry a black girl its really funny. I just told her if i loved her then yes haha it was great. But I got to go times up. I love you all.
Dad can you ask Debbit how they got a rack for John's wheel chair on their van and about much it costs. Thanks. K love you all. Elder Haws

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