Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009

Well i had a big letter typed up and ready to go but it got erased! I'm a little dissapointed Well Elder Kikuche came and talked to us yesterday which is why i'm writing to you today.
He talked about how we can get the spirit of the closer to us so that we can fulfill the vision that President Tate had when he first got here. The vision was to have 400 convert baptisms a month throughout the mission. I honestly believe that it is going to happen. If we do what Elder kikuche (the Lord) told us to do. it was really really good.
Tuskgegee is going really good. I'm way excited to be here. We have a lot of really good potentials all we have to do is seal the deal. so we are trying to do that.
My new companion is Elder Robison he is from Nevada about an hour outside of Las Vegas;. He has been out for 5 months now his birthday was monday!!! He is a good one. He killed his first two missionaries and his last companion didn't know too much so he said he basically did everything so he is way excited to give someone else the reins. As a senior companion all you do is make the descisions when you have a free slot in you day and you need to fill it with something so your not just sittin around. And as a district leader you have to give two trainings to your district and you have to call them every night see how their day went and then call the zone leaders too its not too bad. I'm the youngest one in my district besides elder Larson who was my MTC roommate! its fun.
I guess President Tate calls a lot of the leaders young. I think its so that they have to grow up and learn really quick. One thing ive noticed though is that just cuz your in leadership positions doesn't make you any better than the other guy. Its been really fun though. one set of the missionaries in the Disrtrict opened a new area so we are hoping to see success from that area.
My mailing address MaryAnn is 3100 E Birmingham Al, 35216. its easier if you sent it to the mission office because then no matter where i am i'll get it. ! okie dokie. however my house address for whoever wants to look it up on the internet is 701 B. North main street. Tuskegee Al 36083 its an apartment. Its the very last one basically. Elder Kikuche has an article in the august ensign that has alot of the same topics that he talked to us about if you guys want to read it. i highly suggest it. That man is so awesome. He told us his conversion story and it was the best thing i have ever heard. It was amazing and he carried the spirit so well.
Oh yea thanks for the fruit leather and for the other package mom. And it turns out that my companion has a gps so i don't need one after all and the one that was sent i'm not to sure if it will work or not just because i'm not sure if you can type addresses into it. Thats the main reason i would want one because we get referrals from the MTC and so we have to find their house but i'll see i need to put new batteries in it cuz it wasn't turnng on but i'll see thanks for the idea! id much rather this one be able to work rather than buy a new one cuz the one i was looking at was about 130 dollars which i don't have. Thanks for the info on my account mom.
oh and mom if you want to send me one of the cards. I don't know if you can just put the pictures on a cd but that way i can send you the card with all my pictures on it so far or i can just print them off the good and important ones and i can send them to you. I just don't know if lindsey will be able to upload them to my blog or not if they aren't on a hard copy just let me know what would work out the best and i will do it.
I appreciate the letters that i get every week from you all. It makes my day go a lot better. Thanks.
Love you all so much Eler Haws

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