Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 14, 2009

Well i'll follow the order of the title of this e-mail by starting with the good then the bad then i'll end with the lord.
I'm sure you are all dying to find out what happened with the family that was praying about the book of Mormon. Well we didn't hear from them that night. So we called them and they didn't answer. We left a message and they never called us back. We called them again and nothing. Saturday comes around and we still havent heard anything. Remember that they were supposed to have thier answer by wednesday night at 6. We decided to drive down and see them.
When we get there Brandy says, "I know why your here, You want to know if we got our answer dont you?" and of course we did. she tells us that it didn't happen when we told her it would, however Patrick woke up in the middle of the night thursday and just knew it was true. Brandy didn't get hers till saturday just before we got there. She prayed and didn't get it so she thought she would go talk to her family about it, cuz her aunt is a preacher and her brother or uncle is a preacher and they know alot about the gospel. So she asked them questions about how do you know what church is true and how do you get knowledge. They all told her "you pray and ask God". She said so they weren't very much help, so i just figured well i prayed i want to know but i guess God doesnt' want me to know. Then she was driving down the road not thinking about it or anything just driving and she said that it just popped into her mind. The words "The book is true" just jumped right in. So they know it is a true book. We had a good lesson with them. She wants to feed us and they came to church and loved it. The members did a great job at making them feel accepted. I bet they are baptized in 2 weeks at the most maybe 3 though. We also got her cousin interested as well.
The work is going good. The family of 9 that we were workin with started avoiding us so we are giving them a break cuz we don't want to seem pushy cuz thats what went wrong with the last elders.
Everyone is getting sick though. Alot of the houses that we go knockin on say we are sick come back later its way frustrating. Aunt jo got pnemonia and was in the hopital so she still hasn't been confirmined a member yet its been 2 weeks since she was baptised. We'll get her though.
Now for the bad, i'm getting transferred. I leave tommorrow which is Thursday. Lindsey remember when you said that its weird that there are so many white people and you just thought of the south as african americans. Well i'm going to Tusgegee. Which is by Montgomery. it is 98.9% black. It is the highest percent of black people per capita or however you say that in the nation or something. So i get to go from a lot of white to all black! I'm excited for it. I just wanted to see Brandy and Patrick go all the way. I'm going to be senior companion and the District Leader as well. Which pulls me in to my next topic the help of the lord.
I've noticed as ive been out that you can't do anything without the help of the lord. Every thing that is good comes from the lord. Everything! I think people forget that sometimes. They fail to see the miracles of the lord because they say that it is a coinsedent. i can't spell that word. But i know that i need to go to Tusgegee and leave Hamilton for a reason and that if i trust in the lord and use the help that he is constantly trying to give me, then i will continue to do whats right. so remember that in your lives. The lord wants you to do good things and to succeed. When your not succeeding and recieving blessings its becuse you need to change something not the lord doesn't want to give you that blessing.
I love you all thanks for you letters. i'll try to sent some pictures home. oh umm Mom or dad next time you send me a package can it include a oil valve? and i might buy a gps depending on if my new companion has one. let me know how you feel about that. they really help alot out here. just let me know in you e-mails this week ok. I love you guys, Elder Haws

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