Thursday, October 1, 2009

September 30, 2009 Great News!!

HEllo everyone!well i have some great news! its been a good week. we have another baptism this evening! she is 55 and everyone calls her Aunt Jo. she is a recent converts Aunt who has been taught for about 2 months now i think and had to give up coffe tea and smoking but she finally told us two weeks ago i'm done i hate this and i'm going to quit give me all the candy and cool aide you got cuz i'm ganna need it. haha so we didi and she has quit. its way cool. once again for some reason she wants me to baptise her. she didn't want someone from the ward so that is cool. then yesterday (tuesday) we had our zone conference and it was awesome. everyone was saying that the first interview with president Tate is tough. i wasn't worried though cuz we were dong our job so he counldn't be to mad with me and her wasn't. then Elder kelley and our Zone Leader both told me that they talked about me in thier interview. they said that i'm doing great. i think i'm going to be getting transfered cuz president Tate told Elder Kelley that my leadership is needed somewhere else. he also said that i was going to train but said i dont know if it will be this time or not. I haven't even looked at the list of how many we are getting this time. haha PResident Tate is way awesome. so I guess he likes me but i know its all cuz of my Trainer. us Mountain of Arizona boys know how its done.Elder Kelley used to be in Buddies ward down in queen creek and i guess Sara cut his hair before he left for the MTC. that was cool to find out. He also told me that Matt Bloonfield got his call to Stokholm Sweden which is way cool. Lindsey what is the story about my memory cards? i'm way excited they are found. How did it happen? the odds are insane!!tell Layne that i vagley remember the cook book but i don't know if i ever took it home or not. you might want to check with all our other cook books or if you know what i took it home for like what recipe i wanted that would help me remeber. we finally are having way nice weather which is exciting! it definately makes the days more enjoyable. Elder Kelley and i talked on Sunday. It was great!! I talked on Fiath, Hopw and Charity and how without those things you are nothing and that led into Elder Kelley calling the branch out to repentance in a good way. he read D and C 18 which is a great chapter and told them straight up if you are fighting amongst yourselves then we as missionaries can't do much cuz we need the help of the members. he also said that missionary work isn't just about those that don't have the gosple but those that do and have left and how if you don't care about those that aren't here then you are full of pride and at the end everyone told us we did good and that thats what the branch needed. so we are hoping it worked and that the members don't think we were talking to everyone but them. we are way excited though. we are working with a family of 7 kids. thier mom is a less active member and thier dad isn't a member so there is poteintial for 8 new members. we are having fun with them. they are all baptism age to. it will really help the branch out if they join!haha we went to a civil war reenactment. Our ward mission leader was in it. it was so cool. i got some pictures and a video. they had cannons and muskets and yankees and confederates. it was really neat. Before that we were visiting some referalls out in the booneies of Winfeild and almost ran over a turtle we were going to keep it but decided not to. good times.well i miss and love you all. talk to you next weekElder Haws

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