Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7 Letter

Another really great week. sorry this is probably going to be the only letter i can write this week so i'll try to answer everyones questions. but first off the work is still rockin i swear that that the Lord really needed missionaries here and has been preparing the people here.
My first week here we had a appointment from the missionaries in Haileyville (they were working both areas) to go to Sulligent about a 35 minute drive to teach a lady. so that day we were way busy and weren't even sure if we should go. we didn't have very many miles and we didn't want to waste them if she wasn't a lagit prospect so we tried calling the other missionaries and they didn't answer so we prayed about it and felt like we needed to go so we did!!
we drive down there and knock on her door and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!!! no answer. we were like no way she isn't even here. we were way bumbed. we saw some kids playing ball on the courts so we went and talked to them. (we are in the projects, government homes) they were not interested but they were only 12 ish so we go to the car put in into drive and we both feel like we needed to teach a lesson.
so we go talk to this lady on her porch. she listens to us asks questions about the women and why they can't be a "preacher" haha it was funny. then we left and got a return appt.
We go back and she is there and tells us that as soon as we left her neighbors tell her not to listen to us but she let us in anyway it was way cool. her husband was there that time to. we teach them about the restoration and it was great. we leave and they said to call for our next appt.
We tried calling them throughout the week and a couple of times the next week once the week after that no answer everytime and they didin't return our calls. and we couldn't go see them cuz of miles. We finally get down there to see if they are still interested cuz we were like they are doggin us. so we get there and they are way excited to see us. and we got a baptism date with her her name is Brandy and Patrick had to leave in the middle so we didn't get one for him. they said they would come to church/conference. we are way excited. oh they are black and have 3 baptismal age kids also.
they don't show us to church... we are like what the heck. so we go and see them again and find out she is way nervous about being the only black family in the church, beleive it or not there are hardly any black peopl in Hamilton and the surrounding towns, and so she didn't come. We tell it wont be a problem. we talk about previous black peopl in the church. anyway this i way long sorry. so we end up going back the same night with a member who is the 2nd couselor in th branch presidency. way lagit guy. We have a bomb lesson and talk about how the church service works. Then elder kelley tells them i know that this book is true and i know that if you pray about you'll get the same answer. He says in fact i'm so confident that youll get an answer and if you really pray about it tonight with a real intent and really want to find out. i know that you'll get your answer by 6 tommorrow night. will you guys commit to do that tonight and they were like ya totally! so that was last night. Tune in next week and i'll tell you how it goes!! haha its like the missions soap opera :) transfers are in a week from tommorrow so next thursday we find out a week from yesterday. i did get your package mom thank you so much i needed everything that was in it. thanks. Lindsey that is a way cool story about my cards i can't beleive it. tell her thanks for me. i hope that whoever you were writing isn't like who is this chick and what are these cards what??? haha they are probably telling that story to all thier friends. i don't ride my bike very much it is to spread out. and to dangerous on all th main roads. there are no sidwalks except for the main street its weird. MaryAnn sorry to hear about the speakers but thanks for the way funny story. i loved it. Dallin keep up the good work thatnks for you input. and Kim its always nice to hear from you. good luck on all your preparation for the baby. hope everything works out. Buddy and sara Love you both. and trisha and brynn love you guys to.
Love ya'll
Elder Haws
p.s. don't send anything to my apartment this week incase i get transfered send it to the mission homw if you send anything that way i'll get it quicker. thanks.

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