Friday, November 6, 2009

November 4th, 2009

Well its another week gone.
We are in Alex City right now. I'm on a team up with the other missionaries in my district. I forgot to tell ya'll that they are trying something new in the mission and they split all the zones so we went from 5 to 10 zones in one day so my district was cut down to just us and Alex city. So i'm with them yesterday and today. As we were doing our Laundry Elder Stead couldn't find his wallet. We couldn't find it anywhere. We went and started looking at the cameras and there was a girl that we were talking to that I helped load all her laundry in her car. She ended up swiping it. You can totally see her eyeing and waiting for just the right time, but i guess she goes there alot and so i think they will catch her. We have her and her vehicle on camera. Its just crazy cuz Elder Robison had his stolen just before i got put with him when he was serving with Elder Stead.
We have had a really good week so far. Big C is going to be at church on sunday. We took the first counselor of the presidency over after church and big c said that he just didn't have a wheel chair once he got there so we found him one and he is coming. I'm way excited.
Also Pam quit smoking and her baptism date is for the 15th and i really think she is going to do it! We are meeting with several people at the church tonight to teach so hopefully good things will come from that as well.
I was getting discouraged because we had 3 days where nothing was going our way nobody was answering their doors and weren't keeping appointments. It was really tough but we kept going and its all paid off. I knew if we kept pushing through it all, then we would be rewarded and sure enough it happened.
Pride Oryang is home and he has some people for us to teach as well before he goes on his mission to L.A. He is a way good guy. He knows everybody also which is really good. We have had 3 people tell us this week that if we changed our attire then more people would listen to us. Its true but at the same time they wouldn't take us serious. That is way you need to have the members doing alot cuz they look like normal people. So remember that everybody. Members are more productive in missionary work than we are.
Our Halloween cosisted of a regular day. We saw people and then at night the kid that translates for us to the deaf lady we are teaching invited us to his church for a halloween get to gether. So we went. It was way fun. They fed and we were able to watch the kids. Got to go bye every one love you!

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