Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letter from 9/16

Well hello everyone! first off mom your letter for you and dad will be at the bottom of this letter just so you know!Well the work here in Hamilton is going so great! you guys will never believe the dedication of the members here. Every tuesday night we meet at the church at 6 or 6:30 and we split up and either go and give surveys that are 4 simple question asking about the book of mormon, modern day prophets, strengthening familes and last if you answered yes to these three questions willyou accept to young men to come teach you more about these things. or we go visit less actives or we teach lessons. there is so much work here that Elder Kelley and i have to have the members help and they offer it more than i have seen anywhere elso in the chruch it is awesome.I have already been able to Experience my first baptism! there was a 10 year boy whose mother is a member but stopped going and he never was baptised so the missonaries have been teaching him but his mom wasn't letting him be baptised. she wanted him to know why he was getting baptised which is a good thing but she also said i don't want him to get older and make a serious sin and wish he wasn't baptised yet. which is wrong so when we were "teaching" him(i say that because he already knew everything) we would teach her. and one day we were teaching and he was ready to get baptised and we just kept telling her he needs to get baptised and we weren't leaving till she said it was ok and then we said some things that hit home to her and she agreed. that was on friday and he got baptised sunday and he wanted me to do it! it was cool and just an awesome expiernce. seeing the hand of the lord use us to teach her truths and soften her heart was really neat. and he is a great kid. his name is stephen Wisnat. its fun to say! but that was that.the work is going great! i ove it here. there is something great that we are going to be a part of in Hamilton we can feel it. but i have to go so that i can get mom and dads in also. but i love you guys miss you all.

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