Wednesday, January 12, 2011

November 29,2010

This week was pretty interesting but it was a really good one nonetheless. I had a really neat experience that I would like to share with all of you.
On Saturday Elder Klabacka and I were heading to an appiontment at about 7:30 p.m. We were supposed to be there at 7 so we were already late. As we were driving on a major highway there was a Explorer in a turn lane with its hazard lights on. As we drove by we could see a man on the ground trying to get his spare tire down from underneath his car. We drove past and I asked Elder Klabacka "should we go and help them?" he said "I don't care" So I pulled into a turn lane myself and stopped and looked at him and said " we have Ismael 30 minutes ago." He said "we are already in the turning lane" So we went to help them and they were in need of our help. He had to go and find a jack from some one because he didn't have one and then he couldn't figure out how to get the tire down. He needed the new tire because his had blown!
So we got down on the ground and couldn't figure it out then I had something really strange happen. I remembered that one time there was a flat tire on dad's truck that tyson now has. For some reason dad made me go out and change it and I had no idea what I was doing. I had the same problem that this guy was having I couldn't figure out how to get the tire down. I asked dad several times and all dad said was "there is a spot for the key that will make a hole in that hole is where you need to stick the jack to lower the wheel." I remember that I was so frustrated with dad becasue he would come and help me. I eventually found out what dad meant and I was able to change the tire.
This whole thing is important because this man had the same thing but we couldn't find the whole! we eventually and we were able to change the tire with many more problems including bending some parts of his car and flattening his spare tire but all worked out. The man kept saying "I never would have thought to look for that hole, thank you so much" I know for a fact that the whole reason that dad had me change that tire was to help this man and his wife to be change thier tire. I have never needed to know that until now. It was a huge testimony builder that things that happen to us always have an effect longer than we can see. That our calling to be a visiting teacher or home teacher could be to see if we will be able to be a president of the relief society or Elders quorum, or even more in the future a mission president or senior missionaries. I know for a fact that God has a plan for us and our actions determin how our path winds. If I would have given up on changing dads tire I never would have been able to help this man change his, and it was my choice to change dads tire. I could have given up do to frustration which was there. But now I am glad that i knew and was able to help them.
I hope you are doing well mom! It was good to be able to speak to Mom Dad MaryAnn Trisha and Brynn on Saturday. In English and Spanish! I hope that you all stay safe and do your best to follow the path that the lord wants which is to keep his commandments to live with him some day!
Elder Haws.

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