Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It snowed!!! (Dec. 13, 2010)

....and by snowed I mean that Elder Klabacka and I saw some snowflakes falling out of the sky for about 5 min.

Dear Family,
Well it has been a pretty good week! We had transfers and Elder Klabacka and I are staying together for yet another really fun and awesome transfer! I was pretty excited when I found out. I think that President Holzapfel is trying to not move the companionships around so much! I am pretty excited.
Well it turns out that one of our good potentials for baptism had to move back to Guatemala. One of the worst things that I think could have happened. It is so crazy how much my view and opinion on Hispanics has changed. I was so sad when I found out he was leaving. It was for a good reason, his mom died and so he had to go back to take care of his dad. I just really hope that we can have the missionaries in Guatemala find him. He was really progressing. I hope to visit him one day.
The longer I am here in Montgomery the more I like and the more Elder Klabacka and I are fitting in. We are starting to meet hispanics that know other hispanics and so we can get rides for them and we can relate to them and things like that it has really helped alot.
The other day we were trying to visit someone and the didn't answet thier door and so we knocked on their neighbors door because we knew that they were hispanics. They let us in and they were a really nice family. He has a job as a weilder and they have to kids, a 3 year old daughter and a 5 month old son. They were really kind and seemed like they were already members. we found out that they were from Veracruz and we happen to have a family in the ward from there. So were are going to have them in the members house for a lesson hopefully on saturday. The hardest part in missionary work is getting people to keep their return appointments. Which is so weird to me just because I was raised to be honest and if you arent interest say no if you want somone to come back set an appointment and keep. So we are working on that one right now. People are just raised differently oh well. It isn't going to stop me.
So I hear that Annessa is going to be going on a mission soon? That is so exciting! Where is she going? I also heard that Krystle Wiltbank got married to Nathaniel Henrie! That was some crazy news? do you still have the Announcement for them I would like to see if you do!
Did David Reece get married to? It sounds like a lot of stuff has been happening back home?
Its going to be fun getting back!
How did the hunt go? Did you have any luck?
Thats about all I have for now. Hope you all are safe and that things are going well! I love you all and I cant' wait to talk to you on Christmas!
Love Elder Haws.

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