Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Man it is COLD! (Jan. 11, 2011)

Man whoever told me that the south didn't get cold had no idea what it is like when there is a possible ice storm on the way. This whole week I haven't been able to get the sound of Saunca's voice out of my head when he finds out that a bobsled is driven on ice and he starts wiggin out. I found it really funny though how quick the people here are to cancel school, Especially when there is a National Championship football game going on that night. I think that school was cancelled here A week ago due to the storm that never came. really I feel it was because of the game. Right now though I have a nice young man telling me all about the game and from what it sounds lik it was a really good game. I'm glad that Auburn won. Go Alabama!!!!!
We have been having some really good success here though! We found such a good family. That is just so ready for the gospel. They have been taught in the previous years and they know who President Hinkley is and President Monson they also know that out building is called the Stake Center. It is a Dad and a Mother and they have 3 daughters. We have been so excited to teach them but haven't been able to do it yet. We have been over there several times and they feed us and love us but we just don't know what to do because everytime we try to teach something they already konw about it. They even recieve the copies of the church magazines. They have told us that they want to go to the Temple to be sealed as a family. So we made them this really neat poster that has a path for their family to go to the Temple and I really hope that it will help them reach their goal. It is the Estrada Family if you want to keep them in your prayers.
Tyson thank you so much for the package! Yes I did get it and am using most of it. That was a really good package. It is crazy to see the progression of your kids in their letters. I can tell that they are getting so big! As well as all my other nieces and nephews. I have the best family ever!!
We are hoping to be having a Recent Convert Temple night at the end of this month. We have several Recent Converts that haven't been to the Temple because they didn't know that they could go to do Baptisms, so we are getting that done! I am so excited for them. It is crazy to me how much you become a part of the families that you meet on your mission. I have never felt so involved in people actions before. It makes me feel like Alma or Ammon in the Book of Mormon how you truly rejoice in the joy of others joy. On the same note though you feel sorry for the lack of interest on others. I never really understood the importance of Home Teaching or Reactivation in the chruch before my mission,but I have had an experince that has changed my life. There is a Less-Active member here who is from the Dominican Reppublic. She was baptized with her brother and sister there and then moved over here some time ago. She was super active and doing great then she got a Boy friend and lived with him stopped going to church, reading scriptures, all that stuff. Now she has moved here and feels so alone because her family is in the Dominican Republic and are still active and doing great. She though wants to do what is right has a great testimony but just doesn't know how. She feels alone and we have asked and asked and asked for sisters to go and visit or to call or to do anything for her and it just never gets done. It breaks my heart. So my prayer to all of you is to love those brothers and sisters of ours that are lost at this time in knowing exactly what they need to do and love them. With that love they will feel the love of God and they will begin to start a life of true happiness. That is my testimony of this Gospel. It can bring true happiness.
I love you all
Love Elder Haws.

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