Monday, June 7, 2010

June 2, 2010

Hey ya'll!
We are having the time of our life here in Bessemer because Bessemer is AWESOME!!!! We have been having some really funny experinces lately that is making the work just that much better.
Here in Bessemer we live with another companionship so there are 4 of us in a house. The other companionship is spanish so we don't really see them except in the morning before we leace and at night when we get back and on P-day. about two weeks ago we walked in and they were already home and we were talking and then Elder Ross casually talks about how he got bit by a pitt bull and had to go to the hospital the next day to get it checked out and didn't make it seem like that big of a deal because it wasn't. Well for those of you that have been on missions probable know that the mission presidents wife is really loving and wants to make sure that everyone is 200 % taken care of. So about a week and a half later Elder Ross got a call from Sis Tate saying that he had to either find the dog that day and find out if it had its rabies shot or he had to get the shots himself. Which for those of you who don't know is a series of shots that take quite a while. So they went and looked for this dog for about 6 hours and couldn't find it so they ended up just going and getting the shots. Well the hospital wouldn't give him the shots so President Tate came down to make sure that he got his shots. Remember that President Tate used to be a Lawyer. Elder Ross said that the Head Nurse was yelling at President Tate and that President Tate ended up arguing his way enough to wear they got in a got the shots and left. It was pretty funny Elder Ross said. That is why I love President Tate. Okay not really but it is a part of it!
We are having some good success here! We should be having 2 or 3 baptisms this month. We were able to have 4 investigators at church which was good we were only expecting 3 but we have this one lady whos name is Sabrina. She never wants to talks to us but twice now she has showed up to church when we weren't expecting it! It was such a good things that she came!
We were able to set a baptismal date with a girl named Mckenzie who has been dating a return missionary. she is going to be getting baptized on the 19th of June. We found out she doesn't live in our area though so she is going to be getting baptized in another area in our zone. Its kind of a bummer but its going to be good either way.
We have been working with JoAnn also and she should be getting baptized soon if she doesn't make her date. I think she is going to be able to! She is way sweet and knows when she feels the spirit and knows that the church is good. We just need her to gain a testimony of the book of mormon! which is going to happen.
Amy Walker is another Golden Investigator! We have only had to teach her the lessons. She knows some members in priest river Idaho that she talks with everyday that answer her questions and have been helping her out so its been really cool. she is going to be getting baptized on my birthday! how cool is that? Its like the best birthday present ever!!! I'm way excited for her. she even got antied by her ex-boyfreind and has been getting slack from her mom but she still like hasn't changed at all in the way she feels about the church it is awesome! i'm way pumped.
This week we are going on 3 teamups thursday friday and saturday! its going to be way tireing but way fun. Teamups are great cuz its a chance to learn and to teach and to get to know someone else. I'm way excited. The team up on Saturday is with the AP's and i cannot wait for it. they are so much fun and they are really good teachers so i can't to see what i can learn.
Well i got some pictures that i will send to ya'll. I'm glad to have been able to hear from most of you today! I'm glad that you were able to hear that you had a good time at TAPP and that everyone was safe!
Love Elder Haws

My Address is 803 Fairfax avenue Bessemer Al 35020

The pictures are of
Elder Boone, Elder Harris, Elder Bishop and Myself
Me with some sweet glasses on!
President Tate and I
and a church sign that totally has the wrong words for the scripture. everyone knows that Ephesians 5:4 says: One Lord; One Faith; One Baptism not one God. silly church.
The last one is of my new home for the next little bit!

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