Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January 27

Well its that time of day again! Yup! Its now time to see how I am doing! Well I’m doing great! We were able to have the baptism for Kenia and Sandra Arellano. It turns out that Francisco and Rosio aren’t married and that Kenia and Sandra are Rosios children. So Rosio wasn’t able to get baptized because her and Francisco need to get married first. However, Francisco is still married in Mexico and has to go back to mexico to get divorced. That’s not all though, he has a warrant out for him because his wife said he stopped paying child support so he went to court and had to start signing a paper every week that he paid and then he was paying way more than he was supposed to or something like that so he stopped signing it and moved to America. So now he can’t go back to get the divorce because he’ll get arrested and Rosio can’t get baptized unless she moves out. To top it all off Francisco was baptized into a church of Christ church after he was already a member and he is an Elder so he is going to have a long ahead of him in order to go to the temple with his family but I hope and pray that things will work out and that Rosio will be able to get baptized and that they can be one happy family forever!
We had our zone conference on Tuesday. It was really good. We were trained on how to use the members more so that they can be more involved and also how we can build the trust of the members so they will give us permission to teach their friends. Also we were learned about how to be celetial missionaries. It was a very good conference I thought.
We were able to meet Amy’s daughter Ashliegh. I think it went really well. She liked us which is always a good sign but whats not to like right? Haha Amy is totally ready for baptism, all we need is to grab Ashliegh and throw her on board and that family will open a whole new world to missionary work. Ashliegh is a little bit cautious because she isn’t as in tune with the spirit as her mom is.( aren’t we all that way? Haha)
I’m really enjoying Decatur! Dang! Sorry mom I forgot to bring the family names with me again. One of these times I’ll remember I promise.
The weather has thrown us for a loop down here again. It gets really cold then the next day it will be warm again then it will get cold. Alabama is so weird when it comes to the weather.
I love getting all the letters from everyone. I decided that I don’t write that many hand written letters. Actually I don’t think I’ve written anyone one yet. Sorry about that. I’ll do better. I was thinking about that earlier and then MaryAnn and Dallin both mentioned it to me. Funny how that works isn’t it?
Well no new stories this week. Thanks for all the support from you guys. Dallin and Mom I really liked that package that you sent to me! I looked through it really fast cuz I was on the run so I’ll look at it more closely when I get back to the apartment. I didn’t see the camera card but I’ll go back and check again. Like I said it was really fast!
Love you guys tons
Love elder Haws

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