Thursday, February 18, 2010

Transfers and More (Feb 17)

Well we had transfers this week. It turns out that I’m going to be staying in Decatur and also with Elder Andersen. I guess if it ain’t broke then don’t fix right. We are pretty excited! We have a lot of work going on and hopefully we can see some baptism happen this transfer. Our Zone has been doing really well also. Out of our whole zone only 1 person is leaving. So hopefully we can keep on truckin along the way that we have been and we’ll be able to help our brothers and sisters make the choices that they need to.

As far as the work goes, we do what we call business contacting. It’s when we go to a business and we ask them if we can set up a stand and fill it with pass along cards, then once every week we will go and check up on it and see if it needs to be refilled and we will talk to the workers or owners and the business. We do this one business, it is a cash advance store, and there is a boy and a girl there. The boy is 20 and is an in active member from Utah, the girl is 27 and Baptist she claims but never goes. We started going by a couple times a week and we’ve been making some great progress. Brett has been coming to church often. He has come to sacrament meeting 4 out of the past 5 weeks. He only stays for sacrament but at least he comes. He’s been a great example for us because Brandi, the girl, has seen the effort that Brett has been making. She came to volleyball last night. Her and the new worker and cash advance because Brett quit. So we now have 3 people we are working with from that one business. It is way neat.

We haven’t made much progress with Amy and Ashleigh Davis. Amy is ready and is just waiting for her daughter because she wants to get baptized as a family. Ashleigh doesn’t want to get pressured into it…. So we are kind of at a standstill. The ball is in their court and we can’t do much. I really think that it would be good for Amy to just go ahead and get baptized because one its good for her and two Ashleigh could feel some pressure knowing that mom isn’t going to do anything without her so its all up to whether or not Ashleigh joins. That seems like a lot of pressure. We’ll see though. Maybe we stayed here so that we could seal the deal with those two. It’s been great to work and get to know them. They are a way fun family.

The members have been doing really good at helping us at our work and at feeding us. One time we were getting ready to leave from a dinner appointment and I was saying a prayer. Well I couldn’t think of anything to say. My mind went completely blank so I just stared talking. So this is what I said. “Lord help them……………….to be……………..thy children.” Who says that? It was pretty funny. I’ve definitely been keeping it fun.

I got a letter from Kevin today and he told me that he had been trying to get my address from his mom for about a week and then he ended up just getting it from someone that knew it in the MTC. Turns out that him and Pride Oryang who is from Tuskegee were in the same Zone there. It’s so crazy. What’s funny about that is that I told Pride before he left that Kevin was going to be at the MTC at the same time speaking Spanish and that if he saw a tall read head from Arizona to tell him hi. Thinking the whole time there is no way that pride is going to find Kevin and they did. I got a picture of them both that I’m way excited about. Its crazy how small the gospel makes the world. I found out on sunday that the young womens leader here is has history with our family. Her mom was dads babysitter back in the day that dinasures still walked the earth. Also her dad or her grandpa and grandpa Haws were really close friends. She is a relative to the Ashcrofts and the Farrs. She lookes just like an Ashcroft. Its pretty cool. I have cousins EVERYWHERE i go no matter what.
Thats about all from me this week. Love you all thanks for your letters and prayers. Happy late Valentines Day!
Love Elder Haws

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