Monday, March 1, 2010

My Week!!! (Feb. 24)

Well it has been a good week. We set another record this week for how many investigators we had at sacrament meeting. We had a grand total of 12 people at church. It was so neat to see. The speakers gave really good talks to. What we have been doing that has been helping us out a lot is we will go tracting and if we find anybody that we feel is of any potential we do what we call back to back. Which is as soon as we find them with in the next day or two, we go to a members house that we feel would be a good fellowshipper for them and tell the members about them and tell them we had a great experience with them and you basically talk the investigator up a lot to the member and then invite the member to go introduce themselves. So now the investigator already has a friend. Then that makes it easier for us to give them a church tour or to teach them in a member’s house. So we have been having great success with that.

We have been finding a lot of Mexicans to! Its way fun. We do the back to back thing with them as well. We go and tell Francisco about them and then we take him to go meet them. He is such a good member. I feel bad that he has to go through what he has to. He is willing to come out with us anytime of the night after he gets off work. He has been coming to church everyweek with his family. He bought us each a tie and some socks and he gave me a way funny shirt. They feed us all the time. I’m really glad that I met him and his family. The other day we went to his house and he was talking to his family through a web cam so we got to say hi to his mom and dad and sisters and cousins and nieces and nephews. You know how the Mexicans are. Its always a party. It was way fun. They said that when we get off our missions we have to go visit them in Tiujuana. So get ready for a trip to mexico whoever wants to go. We have to reteach him everything. He has forgotten a lot of the little things. Like he gave us sweet tea the other day. So we told him we couldn’t drink it. So he went over and poured out the pitcher and said okay. He’s willing to do what is right which is a good thing. We have been able to do some fun things like watch the movies in spanish. that has been fun. It is such a good experience teaching them.

We are still having troubles with Amy and Ashleigh. They didn’t come to church Sunday because Amy had a migraine. You know all about those don’t you mom? How are you doing with those by the way? Are they getting any less recent or are they about the same? I hope that Amy and Ashleigh will come around soon though.

We were doing our business contacting on Tuesday and we went into this really cool store called the Red Elephants. It’s a Alabama football store that has all kinds of cool nick nacks and things. Well last Saturday they had a signing with two of the football plyers from the team come down and sign stuff. Well when we went in to do see how they were doing they gave us each a signed picture. I got one of the kicker who was all American and has scored the most points on the team then any other player ever. Elder Andersen got one of an outside linebacker. I don’t remember who he is though. It was pretty exciting.

There is a lot going on here and I love it. They gospel is sooooo true I can hardly believe it myself! I’m not to sure what else to say. If there is ever anything you guys want to here about just let me know and I’ll include. I’m never to sure what to write about and things like that so just let me know what you want to here about and I’ll let you know Okie dokie!

I love you all thanks for your letters! Elder Haws

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