Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Dear Family!

Man this week has been awesome! We had the best Missionary event so far on my mission! It was so awesome! What we did is every month we have a missionary fireside here to help members bring their friends to something other that church which is a little bit easier. We also have it like a fireside so that members can just show up and get an opportunity to feel the spirit and fellowship with the investigators that do come. Our problem though is that we haven’t been having any members other that our ward missionaries show up so we don’t have any other support from the members. So for this month we decided to call it a ward fireside instead of what we were calling it, which was a missionary fireside. Then, we called the members on the Monday and reminded them about it and re invited them to it so that it was fresh on their minds because the program that we set up was going to be really good.

So here is the program that we had lined out. We were basing it off of Easter since it is Easter week. So we got three members from the ward to give short 5 to 7 minute talks. One was going to talk on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, one was going to talk about the crucifixion and the last was going to talk on the resurrection. Then we had 3 musical numbers to go between each of those talks that had an Easter theme and then we also showed a clip from Finding faith in Christ and a short clip of Geoffery R Hollands talk None were with him. Then we had refreshments for afterwards which were rootbeer floats and cookies. The musicals numbers were a song sung by bro Mortensen who is related to the Mortensens that used to be in our ward, a piano arrangement, and an arrangement with the Ukulala. It was so so so good. So we have this wonderful program planned out we have all the refreshments and the speakers and everything ready to go. And remember we called about 10 families and reminded and re invited them to come and most of them said they would be there. Then last night on the 30th of March we held it and Only one of the families that we called showed up. We had 2 other members there and everyone else had something to do in the program or was married to someone that had something to do in the program. It was so frustrating. The bishop was there though so hopefully he will see that the members aren’t helping us out as much as they should be and we can’t do much without the members. But it was such a good program. The spirit was way strong it was a good way to end out the transfer. The lesson that I learned though is that it doesn’t matter if you are helping the missionaries teach somebody or not. The missionaries are taking the place of our Savior and if he were putting on a fireside by golly EVERYBODY would be there. Well we as members need to support the missionaries and go to the things that they are putting on. It is way more important than staying home or not wanting to put your Sunday close back on or any other excuses that may arise. Missionary work is very important and should be supported by the members.

Speaking of transfers. We got our transfer call yesterday morning. Elder Andersen is leaving and I am staying here and going to DL and getting a fairly new missionary this will be his second or third transfer out to far. His name is Elder Bishop and he is from Utah.

That’s about it though. We are still having success with Jorge and Clara. We taught them the Plan of Salvation in the church on Monday and at the end they taught it back to us. We are hoping that they will want to get married and that they will be able to be married as well.

That’s about all though. Hope every one is doing good and enjoying the nice weather while its here. Love you all thanks for your E-mails.

Elder Haws

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