Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi (March 24, 2010)

Well Hello!

My how good has this week been! We’ve seen it all from rain to snow to warm spring weather! We had some really really nice weather on Friday and Saturday then on Sunday it was raining most of the day. Then Monday it was snowing! I don’t know what is going on here in Alabama but they need to figure out their weather. Its crazy. Right now it is really good though.

We have been doing a lot of really good things here though. We are seeing the blessing of being obedient work on our side. When you are doing what is right it seems inevitable that you are going to be blessed for it. Like the good book says “ I the Lord am bound when you do what I say but when you do not what I say you have no promise” so when we do what the Lord says he is bound to what he says but when we don’t we have no promise. As for me when I don’t have the Lords promise I just think that When we need him he could look at us and say shoot you don’t have my promise how about you get yourself out of this one. Since you didn’t listen to me the first time or I also think of another analogy. If we do what he says he is going to show us what we need to do and all we will need to do is to follow him. However when we aren’t doing what he says he could just say do it by yourself and when your doing what is right I’ll let you know, which is so much harder in the long run.

We are getting ready to have a huge blits in our area! We are getting all of the youth in the ward and about 12 to 14 missionaries come in on the 31 of march and Blitz the area. What we are going to do is we have these things we call the member survey questionnaires. What it is, is a piece of paper with 4 questions on it such as if there was a prophet on the earth today would you want to know about it? If there was a message that could help your family become more unified and strengthen would you want to hear it? If there was another book of scripture that testified of Jesus Christ would you read it? And last could two representatives come by and give this message to you along with a copy of this book of scripture. Its way effective especially when you have to members do it! So we are going to get the youth in the ward to go out and do this with the missionaries so that they can get the experience of sharing the gospel and we can get a lot of reffrrals from it! I can’t wait.

We are getting ready to have our monthly fireside as well. This month we are going to have an Easter theme to it. We are having 4 musical numbers and two short video clips along with three speakers. We are hoping for a really good turn out and that the members will come and support us. We have been calling it a missionary fireside in the past and we haven’t had very member many show up so we are going to call it an Easter fireside this time and see if we can’t get a better turn out to it.

It is starting to get green though! It is so nice to see people starting to mow their lawns and getting ready for spring. When I say green I mean greener than it already was. It is green all year round here which is really neat.

Transfers are coming up. WE will find out on Tuesday what is going to happen so you;ll know in my next letter. I hope everyone is doing okay. I love hearing form all of you!

Love Elder Haws

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