Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 3, 2010

Hello Everybody,

We had a good week so far. Things have been going up and down all week though. We have felt like we are riding a rollercoaster more than doing missionary work even though they go together.

On Sunday we had 6 investigators at church so it wasn’t our best but it’s still way good. We found out that Amy and Ashleigh went to another church. That was way disappointing for us because they have their free agency and we can’t make them choose the gospel, we can’t force them into it. We weren’t able to get a hold of them for about three weeks though because they stopped returning our calls and they stopped speaking with the members that were helping us teach them. It was way disappointing. I really think that Amy was ready for the gospel she just loves her daughter a lot to. So when it came down to her getting baptized without her daughter or going to church with her daughter she chose to go with her daughter. Which is but isn’t understandable. So we dropped them and decided to try to follow up with some of our other investigators. Well to make a long story short we ended up droppin almost all of our investigators because we found out a lot of stuff so our teaching pool almost stopped. It was a good thing though because we were able to focus more on the ones that are more serious.

Monica and Brandie are two of those. They are such good girls. We have been teaching random bits of information and having good gospel discussions with them and have let their minds start to think about things. Now we are going to try to teach them the actual lessons. They are both open minded and are fine if we are right and are fine if they are right they just want to know. I’m way excited for them.

We went contacting Sunday night and we went to a apartment complex and gave out pass along cards for a free bible. We ended up giving out a hundred and two cards. It was way fun. People are so good when it comes to the bible but if you were to be giving out a free book of Mormon you would have no takers. It’s funny to see.

We had a multi zone conference Friday. It was so good. Elder Andersen and I sang a song. We combined Amazing Grace and Come thou Fount into a medley. It was good. Then we had some speakers talk to us about the origin of the book of mormon and where it took place. Well these two guys seem to think that it didn’t take place in Central America but actually right here in the south. They had some really convincing stuff to back it all up. They didn’t use the book or mormon by itself, but they used things that the Prophet Joseph Smith said along with the modern prophet while he was prophet not a quorum of the 12 and also the scriptures. It was really neat! The cool part is that they think Lehi actually landed here in the pan handle of Florida and Expanded into Alabama! This means that I am serving where the Nephites and Nephi himself could have walked. Then They talked about how while on zions camp march Joseph wrote a letter to his wife saying they were walking over the plains of the nephites and picking up their bones as proof. Just a lot of really cool stuff. I got a dvd that I will send home for you guys to watch, or you can go to and read about it.

I was able to see Elder Kelley and Elder Myrvang at the conference to. It was a good conference. President Tate had the missionary that taught him the lessons come and talk about his mission and the things that helped him while he was out. It was really good. Then we had a member speak to us about how we could involve the members more in the work and how you have to be friends with them before they are going to let you teach their friends. It was really good.

That’s all for this week though. I love you all. Hope you all have a safe week.

Love Elder Haws

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