Friday, March 19, 2010

Wahooo! (March 17th)

Well things are once again starting to pick up here in Decatur. (In case anyone is wondering how to say Decatur it’s like this, Dee kay tur) The weather is throwing everyone here for a loop. One weekend it will be really nice and you’ll think that we are getting into spring and then the very next day it will rain or it will be really cloudy and you’ll have to wear your coat then it will go back and forth back and forth. It’s so weird. They are saying though that this has been the most snow that they have gotten in long time.

We have a sister who is also a ward missionary and she is so good. I wish every member was like she is. Her name is Patricia Wynn, cool huh mom, and she is a convert to the gospel of about 30 or so years. She helps us out so much though. The cool part is it that she will help us out almost whenever we need her to. She will drop what she is doing a lot of the time to help us with our missionary work. She was taking us around one day to see her friends to see if we could teach them, and we had great success. The cool part though is that she hadn’t told her friends that she was going to be bringing us bye she just showed up with us there and said these are my friends and they have an important message for you and your family and as your friend I think it would be great if you took the time to listen to them. That was paraphrasing but it was close to that. Well by doing this we were able to find a family of 11!!! They are Hispanic, for some reason we are running into a lot of those. They have 9 kids from the ages of 2 to 19. It is way exciting. 2 of them came to an activity that we had at the church on the 16th. We are way excited for them and to be able to start teaching them. Hopefully something good will come from it. Who knows soon we will be able to start a Spanish Branch here in Decatur!

We have been giving out a lot of Mau referrals. Those are a way sweet way to get the members involved and it makes a whole lot better and more comfortable for the member. What it is is a cover sleeve for the Book of Mormon. On the front it has” a gift for the (family or the person(s) name) with an opportunity to read from, then you see the word another testament of Jesus Christ. Then on the inside it has inserts and the usual marked out scripture like moroni 10:3-5 and third nephi 11 and things like that. Then the member can either choose to have the missionaries take it to the person or the member can come with us to deliver it which is what we prefer. It’s a really good program that they are trying out here and it is doing wonders!

We are still working with Ryan but its going really slow. He shows up to our activities but its getting to be pretty tough getting him to church. Hopefully they will get better.

I’m doing well though. Elder Andersen got another President Tate fortune cookie for transfers so we don’t really know what is going to happen but it said get Elder Haws ready to take over the area in case the lord needs you somewhere else. So it could but it could not happen we’ll have to see in about 2 weeks!

Well that’s about all for this week that I can think of. We are going to go to Huntsville today to play some basketball with all the missionaries in the Zone just about. Its going to be fun!

I love ya’ll can’t wait to hear from ya.

Love Elder Haws!

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