Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, we are already three weeks into the transfer thus far. Crazy! Time is just zooming by. We have been pretty busy though this week which is so good. We had a team up with the Zone Leaders on Thursday night and Friday morning afternoon then we had church on Sunday then we went on a team up to Athens on Monday then on Tuesday we had Zone Conference which brings us to today. Its been a good week though.

Our team up with the Zone Leaders, Elder Ryzska and Elder Brockett was way fun. It turns out that Elder Brockett is related to the Larue’s in Eagar. He is from Gilbert and so when we got to talking it was interesting to find out that and that he has been to Eagar and Springerville when he was smaller. He has also been to Sunrise lots of times and all that fun stuff. We were able to work with Monica more on that team up as well as every other day of the week so far. She is such a fun person to teach. She is just like a little child when you are talkin to them and tellin them the things that you know or when you are answering their questions. She just soaks it all up and keeps moving forward. Brandy is also progressing very well. She also listens to us and puts in her two sense and has been going on the church website and studying as well as reading a little bit out of the book of mormon and the book of mormon on trial. I hope and pray that they will receive their answers soon and will be able to see the changes that have already occurred in their lives as they have been meeting with us and talking to us. Its so funny because I never thought that I could be friends with someone that was so much older than me but it happened. They are so much fun. I can honestly call them my friends and not have it be weird in anyway. It’s so great!

Oh yea then on Friday and had the most dumbest thing happen to me. So there I was at church on Sunday before this last one and a member, sister Meyer, came up and asked me if she could feed us that week on Friday or Saturday. I said “sure hows Friday sound” she said “sounds great I’ll see you firday at 6;30” and splits. So then all the next week we try to call her to confirm and she never calls us back and then on Thursday we had an opportunity to teach one of our investigators at the church at 6 so we try to call her again to see if we can push it back to 7. Well she never answers and never calls us back. Here is where it gets interesting. We don’t have a key to the library at the church so whenever we teach a lesson there with a movie, which we were going to do tonight, we have to call the bishop so he can come and open the library for us. So we call the bishop and tell him we need it open at 6 so that we could get in watch the movie and get out in time to still make it to the dinner appointment. Well Bishop didn’t show up until 6:30 so we didn’t get out of there until about 7:15 making us 45 minutes late for dinner. When we get out of our lesson we have a missed call of course from sister Meyer saying your not here could you please have to courtesy to give me a call. In a rude tone. So I call her and she chews me out for not being there. Saying how she took off of work at 200$ an hour to make us t-bone steaks and how I not we but I needed to be more responsible and that I needed to grow up. She wouldn’t let me talk at all to explain the situation and to tell her that we tried calling her and that we ended up not having her correct number on the ward roster and then she hung up on me. Then she called the bishop and complained to him and he called us in on Sunday and told us that dinner appointments were more important than teaching appointments. It was way interesting. So we wrote her and apology letter, (kill them with kindness right mom!) and we still don’t have a key to the library. Oh well. But the moral of the story is if the missionaries don’t show up to dinner or are going to be way late. Don’t get angry because they are the servants of the lord and are most likely doing whats right.

Then we had our zone conference and President Tate told me to start driving so I think that Elder Andersen is going to be getting transferred. So I am now in the driving seat! Woohoo! Zone conference was really good though. We learned and were reminded on how to involve the members and why it is important. Its always good to get those gentle reminders to make sure we are still doing what is right.

Life is going good though. It is getting a lot warmer and is starting to green up again. I think that our cold weather is gone till next year thank goodness. Now I just have to get prepared for the heat.

I love ya’ll. Thanks for your prayers and your letters!

Love Elder Haws

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