Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello...Again!! (May 12, 2010)


Well hello again family! It was great to be able to talk to most of you on Sunday! I’m glad that you all are doing well and managing okay! It was very good to be able to hear from my nieces and nephews and know that they are still their good old selfs. It was way cute how they would say something and then I couldn’t tell if they understood what I was saying or not.

Yesterday was transfer calls, which means that we got a phone call at 7 in the morning telling us who if any body was leaving and it turns out that one of us was. I am getting moved to a new area known as Bessemer. It is just out side of Birmingham and from what people tell me it is going to be like Tuskegee again just now as bad. I’m going to be serving with Elder Shitinger, with a long I after the H for anyone who was wondering, as a Zone Leader. I’m eager to find out what this new adventure is going to bring. So tomorrow I will be transferred to my new area so any mail that you send here fro the next week send to the mission home address which is 3100 E Lorna Rd suite 102 Birmingham Al 35216.

Not to much has changed since I talk to you all on Sunday though. We were able to ask Courtney and Ronnie and Justin why they weren’t at church and they said they were sleeping cuz they had a late night. We made them feel guilty which is good and they said they would be there next week so I hope they will be.

Elder Bishop is the new District leader here in Decatur and he is companions with Elder Putnam.

That’s about all for this week though. I hope you all are doing well and I can’t wait to tell you about my new area and companion next week! LOVE YA”LL

Elder Haws

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