Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tornados In Alabama!

Yes i am still in Decatur and really hoping that i get to stay another Transfer! that would just be the best news ever!!!!!
So on Saturday we went down to a town called Albertville and helped the residents down there due to a tornado that touched down and caused a ton of damage down there. Luckily there was no one killed directly from the Tornado but it was crazy that nobody did. I mean to tell you what. there were whole houses moved off of its foundation and huge huge trees with all there roots pulled up! I got a really cool picture behind one of them that i will attach. there was so much destruction though that i didn't even know was possible from a tornado. It was really fun and good to be able to go and help out though. We helped a lady who was evicted because the house or trailer was no longer safe to live in and she had 1 day to move out. so we helped her pack up all of her stuff and then we went and started clearing away trees that had falled over fences and on sheds and barnes and things. It was really cool. I have always wanted to see a tornado and experience one but now i don't mind if i ever see one. I'll send more pictures as well to let you guys see what else all happened! We are teaching some more people now! We got a media referral for these two people for a finding faith in Christ DVD so we desided to give them a call to set up a time so we could give them the movie and also try to teach them. Well the good news is that we were able to teach them! the better news is that we have already taught them 4 times in the past 6 days and the that they want to come to church and they are reading out of the book of mormon and they want us to teach all of their friends and family but the BEST news is that last night we taught them and extended a Baptismal commitment for the 29th of May and they all Excepted! there are 3 of them their names are Courtney, Ronnie, and Justin. Ronnie and courtney are bf gf and justin is Courtneys uncle. courtney is 20 Ronnie is 21 and Justin is 25 and they are all black! we are so ecited! whats is even crazier is that Justin is Ashley Scruggs our first baptism date's cousin! so we are jsut way excited to see what May is going to bring for us! i hope its nothing but joy and hard work! sorry this one is so short! I hope ya'll have a good week and a great Mothers day for those of you that are mothers and i hope that those of you who aren't mothers make it a good day for those that are! I love yall
Elder Haws!

p.s. the pictures are me behind a huge tree that was blown over by the tornado and also of me helping clean up the mess of a tree that fell on an old shed and on a fence that we needed to clear as well.

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