Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi from Bessemer Alabama!

Well hello everyone and anyone that is going to be reading this. I am now in Bessemer and i am loving it! we have had a really good week. I walked into a baptism here. we had it on Saturday and it was in a creek. I guess that before the church was built here they used to meet in a house and they did baptisms in a creek right by the house and some how that land has stayed in possesion of one of the families here and so one of the members were going to be baptizing his twin sons in the river cuz they were Eight so we decided to do our investigator there as well! it was really neat. The work is going awesome here. My companion has been here for 9 months at the end of this transfer and he is so good at working here.
Bessemer reminds me a lot like Tuskegee. It has a lot of Black people and so we are able to have a lot of lessons which is good. the only difference about here and tuskegee is that we can actually get the investigators to church because most of them have cars and can drive themselves and because it is a ward here so the members help out with rides a lot. Most of the members are white and come from the surrounding towns. It is a great ward though and they help us out a lot even though it may mean a 20 minute drive into town and a twenty minute drive back home.
We had a really good sunday! we had 4 investigators at church. Sabrina was one that came on Sunday. I met here on the first day that i got here and we taught here a lesson one and we committed her to be baptized and she said she would. Then she showed up to church with her two sons. she had to leave early because she promised somebody else she would go to their church but she said that she would be back next week. We also taught a really cool kid named Ledarious. He is so cool. We challenged him to be baptized aswell on the 5th of June and he said he would. Then he came to our bible study the next night and was paying close attention. He is 19 and getting ready to go into the job corr then he plans on going into the military.
There is another person that is really close to baptism also! her name is Mekenzie. she is the girlfriend of a return missionary and she knows the church is true she just doesn't know if she should get baptized here or when she goes to college in Auburn. I think we can get her to realize the importance of getting baptized sooner so that she can have the holy ghost to find out what she needs to do in her life. I am really pumped for this area.
That is about it for now. Elder Sheitinger is from Buffalow New York. He is 21 and has a older sister and a mother and a Father. He is tons of fun and i love him!
I love all of you aswell! Have fun at TAPP. be safe and we will talk next week.
P.S. There is a member here who is from Utah and served in this same mission and moved out here and married one of the girls from here. The cool part is that he served the same time as Robert and knows him. His name is Austin Burdick. So you should ask Robert if he remembers him. He should though Bro. Burdick said that they were MTC companions.

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