Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 13,2010

So this week started off with a bang and ended with a bang. It started with a really fun and awesome P/Labor day. We were able to go fishing and we were able to eat some carne asada and we were able to play some futbol. I loved it. It was one of my most memorable P-days on my mission. Then we did a bunch of stuff and ended the week with one really crazy day.
So we get to go to a lot of trailer parks because that is where alot of Hispanics live. So there is this one trailer park that is called shady grove because it has a lot of trees. We have a few investigatores there and a few members aswell. Well we were in there yesterday after church because one of the members in there was feeding us and so we ate and it was really good. So we have an appointment in the same trailer park and in was our day for the bikes and the other missionaries got the car. so we hop on our bikes and go to our appointment and they drive off in the car. Well our appointment wasn't there so we decided to go and see Lourdes our recent convert because they had just droven up from somewhere. As we start to talk to here and her daughter and her daughters boyfriend/ husband (Tyson and Buddy should know what I mean) They tell us that "there is a car at the front of the entrance into the trailer park that is pulled over with blood all over it and the wind shield busted and cops everywhere, and that the other missionaries were just sitting there looking and that other cars were honking at them and it was really funny." Well I want to go see what is going on and Elder Mancera doesn't. After talking for about 15 really long seconds we go cuz we are on bikes and can get close. So we go and it is definaly something interesting and it involed hispanics to i'm like " Elder maybe they need a translator go see if they need a translator." and He's like "No" And I'm saying "yes" So we go and they do. So we were able to go and translate and get the whole story which was just a bad domestic violence case. one of the guys in the car had to go to the hospital cus he was cut to the bone on the side of his wrist from a beer bottle and the wind sheild was cracked from a brick being thrown at it. It was crazy!
Then my companion almost flipped over his handle bars on his bike because he was going down hill and only has front brakes. Then since he only has front brakes he could stop one time and slid on some gravel and ran face first into a huge pole! haha then Yes this is all in the same day. He Ran into a mailbox trying to avoid hitting someone on the sidewalk and because he has no brakes now cuz his front ones don't work from hitting the pole he took out a metal mailbox! We think his hand might be broken but we aren't sure so we are waiting to see what happens. It was pretty funny.
We did have a good week though. We taught a lot and we had a lot of people at church. I don't know if i have told you all but Elder Bendar is comint to our stake and mission this week so I will be able to see him this week. I'll tell you all about it next week. Hope you all are safe and doing well.
Me Encanta mi familia y tambien mi mision. Yo se que la iglesia es verdadero y tambien El Libro de Mormon is verdadero. Soy gracias por todas cosas in mi vida. Gracias
Amor Elder Haws.

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