Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 6, 2010

MANN!!! I has the best meal in my entire life this week! (no offense to any one that has ever fed me) We had a meal at one of the hispanic members here and it was so good!!! We had Carne Asada on the grill and they had the best pico de guyo with just the right amount of avocado and jalopeno and with the best cheese I think I have ever had and then we topped it off with an orange soda. There wasn't much more you could have added to the meal unless there was grilled chicken which there was and so the only other thing to top it off would have been a roasted jalopeno pepper to wash it all down with which is exactly what I did. Mann that was hot I tell you what but it was really good! I'll tell you the full story when I get home or on the phone.
So we didn't have any investigators at sacrement and we didn't have very many members and it just happened to be the day the Sake President wants to come and see how it is going. It was still a really good meeting though. There were some really good testimonies born which was really good.
We have a lot to do now that we have found a few new families to teach. the language is coming alot really good! I have realized that I can actually talk a lot more than I thought I could so I am and it is helping me learn a lot! Sorry this one is short but we have a lot to do today and we have to share the computers because all the libraries are closed for labor day!
Hope You all had fun getting wood! I'm super jealous. Love you all!

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