Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 27,2010

Well This week was another really good one. It has had its struggles but I am totally fine with that every once in a while to keep me on my toes! This week on Sunday we were all really nervous because at about 9:00 when our meeting is supposed to start I think we had about 15 people there which is a really bad number. Then When we had the sacrament we had about 20-25 people there but by the time the sacrament ended we had a normal number of about 50 people there 7 of which were investigatores! It was such a great miracle to see!
One of our recent converts gave a talk! It was really good. He talked about how he came into the church and his favorite scripture which was one of the Articles of Faith. The really neat thing though is that his brother and his brothers wife lives with him and they have been taught and visited with missionaries for a long time and they have never come to church before. Well we were having the sacrament and in they came to hear their brother give a talk in church. They didn't come to his baptism or to their moms baptism but they came to all of church! Elder Petersen and I about fell off of our chairs we were so surprised! It was so cool! and I think that they liked it! I bet we will be able to get them back now that they have been once. It was a really good sunday!
We have a guy in Athens right now named David and he is pretty cool! We have been able to meet with him 3 times now and he has read and wants to read more and is really neat! He is progressing because he has kept his appointments and has read and he has sundays off which is really rare for hispanics so I think he will even come to church! We are pretty excited for him.
Elder petersen and Elder Clifford and I are getting along really well! The other night Elder Clifford and I were in bed waiting for Elder Petersen to come so that we could have our prayer and while waiting we decided to short sheet Elder Petersens bed! It was quite a site after our companion and personal prayers watching Elder Petersen try to get into his bed. He kicked and scooted higher then kicked again! Then it finally clicked what had happened to him. It was super funny! We are all really good at taking each others jokes knowing that we are going to get one in return!
We were able to go to the Temple on Wednesday with all the missionaries in our Zone! It was a wonderful experience! I love to go to the temple. I hope that I will be able to go at the very least once a month. I really want to be able to go once a week and my life time goal is to go to all the temples in the United States!
I have been doing a really fun study in the Book of Mormon where I am marking all the times that great faith was shown like when Nephi says I'll go and do.... or when Lehi leaves jerusalem with nothing and I have seen that in most cases there is always a act of lacking faith by some one close by like with Nephi he was willing to do anything to get the Plates but Laman and Lemuel weren't. It has been pretty fun!
That is about it for now though! Hope you all have a great week I love you all!

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