Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Love General Conference! (Oct 4, 2010)

Man this week has been so crazy! I just can't believe all that has happened and it just started today! haha Well by that I mean that President Holzapfel called us and said that we are getting some spanish Speaking missionaries in a week from today! The crazy part is that there is a possiblity of 9! which would put 3 new missionaries here in Huntsville. which means that I am going to be training! These missionaries have been spanish speaking longer than I have and they are going to know so much more than me aswell! Talk about being nervous! I tell you what!
Also this week, which is today, we came to Decatur to play some raquet ball with the Elders here and it was tons of fun. That is why I am doing e-mails a little later today. After that I was able to visit a little with the Brown family that lives here. They are one of my favorite families on my mission and so i really enjoyed that! They all say hi by the way... well mainly sister Brown but oh well.
Last week was pretty neat though! I had to go down to Birmingham for a day while my companions went to a Zone Leader Meeting, so I just teamed up with the spanish Elders down there. It was really good but I hope that I never serve there. I really don't like big cities at all. To me it seems like the important things are easy to put aside for the unimportant things.
Conference of course was really amazing! I loved the British mans talk really well. I don't remember if it was in regular conference or in the priesthood session but i really liked it. I also liked the talked about how parents have a responsibility for their children and it made me think alot about how children have a responsibility to thier parents to listen to them because they are only trying to help you never trying to hurt you. It is the same way with our Heavenly Father if we let him! Just a lot of really cool talks this month. I can't wait to read them all! Oh! How about President Monson coming out and throwing down on Every young man needs to serve a mission! I loved that part. I am so glad that I have served a mission it just isn't funny. I would hate for anyone to not go because they just didn't want to.
I was able to play some crickey with some guys from India on our tennis courts in our apartment complex on friday! that was really fun. Cricket is quite interesting i have to admit.
We were able to have 3 investigatores come to the church and listen to conference. I am not sure how many watched it at home. It was really good though. We had a pretty cool experience on Sunday Morning. We went to the church early to listen to the Tabernacle Choir and do some meditating and reading and as we were there I walked out side and a man got out of his car and walked up and started talking to me. So asuming he is a member I started talking back and I found out that he wasn't a member and that his friend in Washington D.C. told him he needed to come to the true and living church so he did. He knew it was going to be different from a regular sunday and said he wanted to come to a regular one but that he wanted to stay for this one aswell.
He has been looking for a church for the past 5 years and decided to finally listen to his friend. He enjoyed conference a lot and wants to come back and learn more. After conference I asked him how he liked the talks and he said, "the first few not so much but Monson has got it!" I am excited that the sister missionaries get to teach him and I hope so bad that he will find what he is looking for he and that he has all the right intensions. It was a really neat miracle find though.
I think that is about it for this week, It has been pretty eventfull. Let me know how all of you are doing! Love ya ELder Haws.

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