Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Well It has been a real treat to be able to come to Montgomery. I don't know why I was having such a hard time about it. I haven't not liked anything about the town at all since I have been here and the people are just as nice as the other ones up in Huntsville and everywhere else that I have served. I am still getting used to everything that has to be done and things like that but it is coming little by little.
We don't have as big of a group of hispanics here but they are really good members here. I really liked the first Sunday here. We didn't have any investigatores there and so we are going to have to change that because if no one comes than noone can get baptized right? I feel like this area here has a lot of potential to be a lot bigger than it is. I am not sure how to do it right now but I am hoping that someday we will be able to see a lot of success here.
We had a pretty cool experience on Sunday. We were going around and seeing some investigatores and both the families that we had planned to see in this specific apartment complex werent home, so we decided to knock on a couple doors. The very first door that we knocked on was some students that come to our english class. We had no idea that they lived there and here we are knocking on their door. They let us in and we were able to share about the Book of Mormon with them! I had a really good feeling about them the whole time we were there. So we gave them a copy and are going to see if they read in it on tuesday at the next english class.
Things are going pretty good with my companion. I think he is really stressed about going home and having responsibility and things like that again. I get a sense that he is just really nervous by the way he talks and acts and things like that. I have found the more that I just encourage him and don't so anything that can upset him or make him more frazzled the better he is. He is helping me alot in learning the area. He doesn't know it to well either and so we both are able to help each other out and it has been pretty fun!
I have found out that I really enjoy teaching the English class. It is such a good feeling knowing that I am helping them learn our language because they help me learn their language or something. that Is aout it though. It hasn't been to exciting of a week. I love you all. Sorry I didn't say anything about the investigatores but I don't really know any yet so there should be more next week.
Oh I am living with some members here. we live in thier attic and it is starting to get cold.
Love Elder Haws.

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