Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 11, 2010

Hey family!
Man this has been a really rough week. A good one but one of the hardest on my mission so far. So we had a good preparation day the other week. We met a member that moved in from Georgia and he is sweet. He is actually a recent convert of about 2 years and back in Georgia he would go out wiht the missionaries all the time. He knows how to use preach my gospel really well and knows the lessons also, which is good but now that we are trying to change our way to the right and best way of PMG we have to help him but he is still awesome! we are going to go and see him tonight aswell. He lives in Decatur and seems like he wants to helps us out as much as possible. He is trying to get all of his roommates to come to the future branch because he needs a ride so he is going to have them stay since they are coming anyway. I thought that was very genius of him.
We had a team up in a town called Guntersville and it went really well. It was a little strange doing english work for a while but i liked it. We were able to see a lot of Spanish people that are there also which was fun to be able to practice and use my spanish. I was pretty surprised at how many spanish people there were there.
While I was there I recieved a phone call from President Holzapfel, which is the call I was waiting for to tell me that I was going to be training and where I was going to be and all of that fun stuff. Well what he said was, "Elder Haws I need you to do me a favor." And I said, "okay what it is it." He said, "I need you to go down to Montgomery to serve with Elder Kendall who is going to be going home in 2 weeks and I need you to leave on Wednesday." So that is what I am doing. I have to leave to go and serve with a missionary that is going home in 2 weeks and I am leaving in 2 days. So what this means is that I have to learn an entire city and where all of our investigatores live and everything in 2 weeks. I am just barely getting Huntsville down I have no idea how I am going to get Montgomery but oh well. It was really hard at first. I really didn't want to go at all. Then I talk to president Holzapfel and he made me feel better and I also thought about Nephi and going and doing what the lord commands so that is what I am trying to focus on for now. It is actually a whole lot better now. So just so you know Elder Haws is not training he is actually sending a missionary home! to arizona I think!
Chruch wasn't as good as it has been in the past few weeks. We did have Delia and Diana come which was good. Delia has been doing really good. She is so strong and believes in the Book of Mormon so much. There was actually some missionaries from another church that knocked on her door and she told them, "I believe in the Book of Mormon and before you tell me about your church you have to come to mine and read the Book of Mormon." It was really cool.
Also a random family showed up that we have never seen before. He is a member from mexico and said he was active there and his whole family was active to but he stopped going and now wants to come back the cool part is that his wife isn't a member but she seemed way into it which was nice.
We are finding alot more people and things are going great here! If any of you are going to be sending anything to me this nest week send it to the mission office which is 3100 E Lorna Rd suite 102 Birmingham Al 35216, since I will be changing locations once again.
I love you all and Hope you have an awesome Week! Love ya
Elder Haws.

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