Monday, August 30, 2010

Record Breaking Week! (August 30, 2010)

Well I love serving a mission and I really love being with the Spanish culture. We have the opportunity here in Huntsville to be forming a Spanish branch here that we are trying to get to sustain its self as far as Priesthood is concerned. We have 7 brethren with the Melchizedek Priesthood and so are just waiting for the paperwork now. We had a record breaking attendance at our little meeting on Sunday. When I got here we had about 45 to 50 coming every week to church however, Yesterday we had a total of about 65 people there. We could barely fit in the room and we barely had enough chairs to seat everyone. I couldn't believe and that still wasn't everyone that comes. We had some people not there that come usually and so it is really neat to be able to see the group growing rapidly as we continue to find and baptize. What I think is really neat though is that as we continue to find and teach we find more members that want to come. We had a recent convert of about a 3 weeks move into town 2 weeks ago and she has been coming with her kids. She has 4 kids and she is living with her brother and his wife. Well it turns out that his wife is a less active member we didn't know about and her brother came to church with her yesterday. So we have some more teaching to do!!
Consuelo is just really awesome and she is going to be a great addition to the future branch.
We only knew about her because the Sisters that taught her in Nashville TN called us to tell us about her. So when they called I asked them if they knew Elder Nicoll and one of them came out to the field with him. It was pretty exciting to hear that he is doing good and that he is still playing his Violin and things like that. It would be really neat to get a ward or stake missionary news letter going where the highlights of everyone's previous weeks and then send to everyone via e-mail. Just a fun thought.
Delia,Daniel,and Diana all came to church this Sunday. Daniel still wants to get baptized but we are waiting until he knows that the Book of Mormon is true because he still hasn't read that much in it. He is a great boy though and I think that he will be a good influence on his parents and for his younger sister. I really feel like she would be baptized because she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true but she is having a hard time with the whole forgiveness thing. So it is a challenge that we have to work on and get through. Her husband kidnapped her when they were in Mexico and it has caused a few corks to come up but we will work through them. She is fine with him now and they have 2 kids together but she doesn't want to marry him so... Its rough but God knows what to do we just have to be ready to listen.
We helped one of the families in the future branch build his home on Saturday. It was lots of fun. However, 1 over a year with your legs not seeing the sun + 1 six hours in the sun in shorts = 2 sun burnt legs. haha. It doesn't matter though because it was some good service.
I am getting really good on the bikes! I can know bunny hop over and entire speed bump in the road so i don't have to slow down for them!
Oh! so there is this really fun thing going on around the apartment! Its called see how many pranks we can pull on Elder Haws! It is tons of fun. One night they suranawrapped my bed and then another night my pillow then they tied my bed off and they just do a bunch of really dorky but funny things. Our apartment is really cool.
Mom what did Aunt Phillis say about the Korans?
I love you all and I am doing really well. Hope you are all doing well to.
I love you!
Elder Haws.

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