Monday, August 9, 2010

Spanish Rocks!!! (August 9,2010)

Well I love it in the spanish life. I have gotten some really good meals and I have gotten to play soccer already and I love it!!!
My companion is the BOMB! He is way fun and he is really good at teaching me. Its funny though because he can't really explain why the things are the way that they are or why they do or don't work because he doesn't know it would be like us teaching some one english. It would be difficult to tell them why it works. So what ends up happening is I will ask the other missionaries that we live with why it works and they will tell me and then I can ask Elder Mancera how and why things work in english because he was taught english and that was how he learned to speak it. Its pretty interesting. Elder Mancera is really sweet though! He is really good and making me feel good and encouraging me to keep trying. Everytime I do or say something that is correct he gets a huge smile on his face and gives me a high 5 and tells me your doing good man! keep it up. I can already tell a difference in my knowledge of what is being said and things such as that.
I gave my first spiritual thought on Sunday at one of the members houses that we stopped by. She said that she was able to understand what I was saying and that it made sense. She was an older lady and so she could have just been being nice but who knows. Something really neat about her is that I helpped give her a blessing one time when I was on a team up in Huntsville and I couldn't understand anything she was saying but now I can!! Its super crazy.
We have a lot of really good things happening also! We are teaching 2 families. One of which was found with Elder Howard on one of our exchanges up here when we were in Cullman. Mario and Delia and they have 3 kids, Daniel, Diana, and David. Thier ages are 17,15,2. Delia already feels like she knows the Book of Mormon is true! She has come to church twice and loves it. We are going to see her tonight at english class. Her husband, Mario, said that he loves the church and that he normally can't wait to get out of an hour long church service but that at our church the 3 hours felt like nothing and that he felt lots of peace while he was there. They are really sweet. Diana the daughter wants to start coming to mutal aswell. We are way excited.
We also set a baptismal date with a lady named Lourdes. It is for the 21 of August. She is a great lady. I'm way happy for her.
I live 2 other missionaries that are spanish aswell and we have a lot of fun together. My new address is 1500 Sparkman dr. Apt. 16 E. Hunsville, AL 35816
I am really enjoying everything about my area and my companion and my mission. Things are going really good and I love it. Hope all is going well for everyone. I love you all and I mean all of you. Hope you are safe and doing well. Love Ya
Elder Haws.

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